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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Cathy Doll Grand Launch (May 17, 2016)

Welcome, Cathy Doll! 

That's what I was supposed to say, but I think it went the other way around. I felt very warmly welcomed by the brand during its launch! 
For the curious folks, Cathy Doll is a Thai beauty brand with a Korean brand equity. It's made by Karmart Thailand. So they turn Korean beauty trends into high quality products that are even more affordable than the Korean counterparts.

They held this event at the Crowne Plaza hotel. It was a very grand event, as they rented out the suuper big party rooms of the hotel!

There was a lot of cute Cathy Doll themed decor all over the place.

There was never a dull moment while waiting for the program to start as they had soooo many booths to keep everyone busy!

Booth 1 is a spin the wheel booth and you spin it two times and whatever the wheel points to, those are the products that you're going to get. 

They have their own matte lipsticks, which I think will be a favorite once more people know about the brand. (These are sold at 159 Baht each, so they will rpoably be about Php250 pesos, which will be a total steal if ever!)

When I spun the wheel, I got the lip balm and the eyebrow pencil, which was perfect, as I had dry lips and use a lot of eyebrow products.

So I skipped over and this is Booth 3 already. The attendant will use a sheet of blotting paper on you, and if you end up oily, you will be given the pink snail cream. If not so oily, then the blue snail cream. or if you wish, they will give you the Snail DD Cream for the body. (The snail cream is sold at 440 Baht so it will probably be at Php600-700, the DD Cream is at 300 Baht so expect it to be at Php450-ish)

Booth 4 is the Splash Essence booth. They have baskets with pictures of each variant, and whichever bucket your ping pong ball lands into, that's the variant they will give you. I purposely tried to get the bee venom one (the yellow tube) as I felt that it will probably smell the best. The ladies there told me that it indeed smells like honey! (This is at 275 Baht, so this will be sold more or less at Php400 something)

The last booth is the selfie booth! So this is one of my decent photos for this event as I spent the rest of the time taking pictures and video of everything else going on.

And wee, the event begins! Today's hosts are Cathy Doll's marketing manager and Nikki (of AskMeWhats!)

They showed a video of LifeStrong corporation, official distributors of the brand, as to how the idea of bringing Cathy Doll into the Philippines came to be.

They then called on Kimberlee Si Arcillas, the brand ambassadress, to the stage. She is sooo cute and petite in real life, so it's no wonder that she was chosen!

Here are the hosts and Kimbie with winner of their chair game. They plastered Cathy Doll stickers on three chair bottoms, and these were the lucky ladies who found them! I don't know the lady in the middle, but it's Marielle on the left and Chessika on the right!

Everybody just had a great time. Since the event was so big and like almost the whole blogosphere was invited, it was like a giant reunion with all my blogger friends. I swear, almost everyone was there. And that also made it so much fun because it was a giant catch up.

By great time, I mean look at the smiles of our hosts. They were full of energy the whole time as Cathy Doll had so many surprises and mini contests!

So this is the product shelf where all their products are. They have lip balms, liquid lipsticks, and lip glosses for the lips. They have eyebrow powders and pencils, as well as gel eyeliner. For base makeup they have CC Cream and powder. For skincare they have essences, creams, gels, and masks. For body care they have body washes, slimming lotions, and intimate products.

Everyone was super busy as all this was going on. 

I had a second event for the day so I was already ready to leave, so I took photos of the booth ladies.

I know you guys are curious now as to how you can buy the stuff, so here you go: 

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