Last May 28, Raffles Design Institute partnered up with Thou Art in Heaven to come up with Create Fest Manila, an art festival. 

Raffles Design Institute Manila is an international college run by Raffles Education Corporation, which is one of the largest education groups in Asia Pacific. They have campuses in 29 cities in 13 countries, and listed in the Top 50 Fashion Design Schools in the world.

On the other hand, Thou Art in Heaven is a non-profit organization founded in 2012 that aims to share the heart of God through different forms of art, thus their tagline: “Sharing the heart of God one art at a time.” It is a marketplace ministry highlighting the arts as a tool to strengthen an individual’s creativity and spirituality at the same time.

This is how the school looks like in the lobby. It seems so small until you realize that this school occupies four floors.

I'm certain everyone in the school was excited about this event as there were many posters in the premises. 

And this is what I mean when I say that the school is actually very big. This is just one of the corridors in the school. The rooms are spacious and most of them are very well lit.

Here they are at the second floor setting up. This is one of the classrooms so you probably have an idea how spacious things will be if you study here.

There is an amusing table display of Neutra Organics skincare and Amazing Grace gourmet tuyo hahaha. I initially thought that it was an herb based skincare tub, and when I got closer I thought it must be a honey based skincare tub, until I was told that it was tuyo hahaha. I unfortunately wasn't able to try any of the tuyo nor the skincare! But they looked so nice and pretty. 

I went to the event quite early, which is why there weren't any testers around yet. I was very curious as to how the wild rose shampoo smelled like! It must've been really good.

This rosewater nutrient cream is also very promising. 

These are accessories from Nueva Luma PH. 

They're a mix of dainty and rustic so I think it will be nice to realize your boho chic dreams with these accessories. 

There were also totes and bags on display from Happy Totes PH! 

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