Let's all face it. Shopping for gadgets is fun, but it can get tricky at times. There are just sooo many brands, specs, and features for each kind of product that it can be difficult to make a choice. 

Digital Walker understands that, so it made Hive Mind. The dictionary definition of the term kind of puts the whole store concept into perspective: a notional entity consisting of a large number of people who share their knowledge or opinions with one another, regarded as producing either uncritical conformity or collective intelligence. 

Hive Mind is Digital Walker's concept store wherein they round up and rank the 10 bestselling products for each division. The rankings are based on sales data and are updated regularly. So it's like getting advice from everyone, like all your friends, about what new gadget to buy. 
The concept totally appealed to me because I bought a MacBook case not too long ago from Digital Walker, and I took like 30 minutes just deliberating about the color. Yeahp, just the color. This why the concept of having the store tell me what the voice of the people is will probably make my next shopping experience faster.

You can see these rankings on the website, here on the TV screen on the storefront, and through the interiors of the store itself. 

Everything in the store is arranged according to division, so like this shelf, it all has accessories. And then among the items in the shelf, everything is ranked from 1 to 10. They have rankings for cables, speakers, ipad cases, iphone cases, and other amusing stuff.

The amusing thing about these rankings is that they not only make selection easier, but by putting the items altogether in an organized fashion, it's actually a good way to discover new items you might have otherwise ignored had you shopped without any assistance or without being observant about the other items available in the store. It's a great way to highlight unique products you may have missed out on given that it's a reality in the tech world that the turnover is so fast and the number of new products coming up in the market is just too big.

I definitely would not have had any idea that there are now waterproof shower friendly speakers like these! And at this portable size! And if it's part of the top 10 all this just means is that more and more people are using music to unwind in the shower, or perhaps using this to entertain kids while giving them baths.

I also used to think that Marshall was the only brand of speakers that looked cute, but this speaker from Braven also looks so cute.

The Macbook area also had some new suggestions like the mounts and wrist guard and everything.

I think the concept works even better for the iPad and iPhone cases because when you enter a tech store the only thing that enters your mind is the visual of shelves and shelves of clear acrylic boxes. It can get very daunting at times as all you see are boxes and boxes of the same size not knowing what makes each case unique. This whole system puts to light the cases with special features, unique designs, and other interesting abilities. They have drop tested cases like this one, and I also saw ones with super cute designs, those with flaps, but most of them have some durability enhancing feature one way or another.

It's not a very big store relative to the typical Digital Walker stores, but since it is a very organized and curated listing of the best things to buy for each product type, this is all the space it needs. You don't need to walk around so much anymore when all the best choices are already laid out in front of you.

And to sum it all up, take it from their own message on the entrance!
You can find Hive Mind at the 3/F of TriNoma. It's between Herschel and Gap. 
Visit their site today at http://hivemind.ph/

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