It's about time. 

I honestly don't know if "It's about time" is the right answer because that'd be so vague and everything. 

So to answer the question as to why I'd like to be Sample Room's Beauty Insider is probably just going to hinge on the simple reason that I want to be able to propagate in my own way what Sample Room has done for me. 

I admit it, I am not a regular Sample Room sampler. I don't always get to order stuff from the site because I'm super busy with school and I'm super busy with my own blog schedule here. But I have always been a recipient of the newsletters and I've always subscribed to it, for the reason that it has helped me keep myself abreast on the latest products and services out there in the market. Like I said in my other posts, it's very easy to get engrossed in what you do in your own blog's schedule that a lot of times, bloggers like me are unaware already of what are the latest trends and releases. There's just so much going on that you can't keep up at times. 

The great thing about Sample Room that it makes the trying out less daunting and more exciting. I am quickly aware of the latest trends, and I am blessed with the privilege to try them out without going out simply by punching an order on the website and paying for my shipping electronically. What transpires next is a giddy two or three day wait for the samples to arrive. And perhaps, I think I understand that they always send things out in those cute bags even if they could have just bubble wrapped everything and shoved them into the courier bags is for the reason that it's an experience in itself. In the few times I got packages for myself it was an exciting un-bagging of the items, and knowing that the items were the items that I liked and the ones that I purposefully chose for myself make it all the more exciting. There's a different kind of excitement when you get a subscription box and you're looking forward to be surprised and when you receive a Sample Room bag and are so excited to be finally receiving the products you've been dying to try. 

So, how do I come into the equation? 

I think that through my honest sharing of my own experiences for Sample Room, I can add to the conversation and make people more involved with the site. My role will not only be being the insider in events and product launches, but it will also be sharing the way I see things in the human manner I've always done most of the things here in the blog for the past gazillion years (a.k.a. 3-4, depending on whether you count based on anniversaries or based on the year I started). 

I, for instance, am now so addicted to Olay's Moisture Outlast body wash ever since I tried it over at Sample Room. Ever since the trial, I have hoarded the stuff, especially during discount seasons and when they have value packs. I probably have a stock of like six bottles at home now, and have used three aside from those six bottles in stock. If I had never tried it out on Sample Room, I honestly would have not really gotten out of my way to try the product. I have supple-r (i don't know if suppler is a real word mehehe) skin now thanks to using the product and thanks to finding out about it. I wish that more people know about good products like these. 

And if I could be Sample Room's partner in delivering good news like these to change and improve the lives of people, it'd be an absolute honor for me. 

And well, if anything, please consider the fact that I am cute, hardworking, and with two cats to feed. 

So if you're wondering why I want to be the next Beauty Insider, whelp, there you go.