Hi everyone! Zen Zest recently celebrated its 15th anniversary, and they subsequently shared their 2016 price list to us as well. I know that you guys buy at Zen Zest not just for yourselves but also when you're panic buying for good presents for a rushed event/forgotten party/last minute Christmas shopping. So here you go! 

Personal Scents 
Eau De Toilette - P230 
Eau De Parfum - P340 
Eau De Cologne - P100 
Cocktail Body Spray - P180 

Classic Line 
Classic Body Spray - P200 
Classic Body Wash - P140 
Classic Body Scrub - P150 
Hand Soap - P100 
Hand Sanitizer - P50 

Aromatherapy Line 
Room Spray - P250 
Linen Spray - P250 
Massage Oil - P220 
Fragrance Oil - P150 
Roll-on - P120 

Home Fragrances 
Air Purifier Kit - P1,500 
Fragrance Blend - P500 
Diffuser - P400 
Anti-Mosquito/Anti-Tobacco/Kitchen/Cabinet Deodorizer- P300 (300ml) & P150 (150ml)