Weee, it's my first time to do a little crossover! The concept of Bloggers United doesn't really work with beauty bloggers as a whole because there are much more issues that exist when it comes to selling used makeup compared to selling used clothes and accessories. This is why it's fascinating to just come over to see what fashion bloggers are doing and selling. 

This time, they did their event at the ever posh Green Sun. 

It's amusing to go to a fashion blogger oriented event as a beauty blogger because it amuses me to see so many people shooting OOTD's all at the same time with their photographer friends. In beauty events it's the product that gets a photoshoot, not necessarily the blogger.

Aaaand right as I go in a whooole wave of nostalgia hits me. There's a Cream Silk booooth!!! I interned for Cream Silk last year which is why the brand is close to my heart. I worked closely with the agencies that do their booths like these (no I am not that powerful to command them to make the booths, we worked over other things haha). I was sooo happy to have seen Charlette (the stylist) again after almost a year! 

But yeah going back to reality, this is not only Bloggers United, but it's in partnership with Passionfly of Karl Edwards bazaars.

There were a lot of stores selling organic, homemade skincare and beauty products.

This is a unique store in the sense that not many stores were selling organizers.

There were many, many, many stores selling clothes. It was so big of a number that there were stalls catering to each kind of clothing style.

And to my shock I thought that since this is Bloggers United that the bloggers would be too posh to be seen in a place with counterfeit bags, but I guess that's not the case. This booth was among the busiest in the venue, and for good reason. The bags really do look authentic. I know I should be giving them the benefit of the doubt that maybe those are second hand, but I don't think any stall owner would be that confident to sell that many second hand original designer bags with just a few stall attendants. If I were the concessioner I think I'd get bodyguards and bouncers for my booth hahaha.

The other great part of this bazaar is the presence of many suuuper cute jewelry stalls!!! This rack was from Istorya jewelry ( @ istorya on Instagram). Their jewelry for sale was just too cute I just had to search for the store myself.

And this is another cute jewelry shop, but unfortunately, I just walked around and took photos, so I wasn't able to note which store this came from. I now realize why it pays to plaster your calling cards all over your merchandise hahaha

This is yet another interesting store with a lot of exotic pieces of jewelry, a lot of which come with Filipino touches in the form of shells and coral-like pieces.

And now to the Bloggers United part! I didn't bother to browse any of the clothes anymore because I knew they were going to be too small on me, more so that most of the bloggers who had stalls today are XS or S in size.

This is Yuki Tansengco's booth I think. 

And this is a whooole rack of pretty used shoes. 

And yet another rack of used pretty shoes. A lot of them though are high heels. I guess the trend is moving a tiny little bit away from those sky high chunky front stilettos now, or those chunky pumps in general?

Some bloggers really had a lot to let go of, so some of them had booths this big, while some have booths that are so small. Or like for this booth in specific, this is Ana Gonzales and Sarah Tirona renting it together so they can make a legit looking booth this size.

This is Raiza Poquiz's booth, but I didn't see her while I was here. 

I don't know if these bikini's are brand new or used, but they came in super cute designs. 

This booth had so much lolita and cutesy Japanesey stuff in it! I just didn't have any specific need at the moment for the products so I just ogled at the cuteness.

I also played at the Flawless booth! Theyhad a lot of fun stuff for visitors to do. On the right is my BB Charlene helping to facilitate the games. She was the guest blogger for the booth for the day I think!

If you're wondering if there were popular people this year, here's AJ Dee, and the guy in the polo on the left fixing shelves is Victor Basa.

Tricia G. was also in the house, who had to multitask as an entrepreneur and a popular blogger as she had sooo many people fall in line to have photos taken with her. Her booth was in the least conspicuous corner of the venue but it was jam packed with people because it's her. I congratulated her over her engagement and looked at her ring (which is so pretty and sparkly omg you have to see it in real life). 

So that is it for this event! I have yet to see something like this done for beauty bloggers. Now that would be truly interesting.

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