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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Sooper Beaute Unboxing!

Weeee!!! I'm a #SooperBabe now! The folks from Sooper Beaute graciously sent over a box full of Pinay beauty goodness, so today I'm going to talk about these products. I am generally pleased with the meteoric rise of brands such as this, as this is not only all about the "support local" movement, but also because local brands understand local needs and concerns more, and are able to respond more accordingly... 

For one, this is their contouring kit. In real life the brown shade is much darker, which I think was made that way in order to accommodate morena skintones. I have yet to see what happens if I use this because you all know by now how pale I am hahaha

They also sent in a very vampy lipstick in the shade of Andromeda. The name is amusing because my mom's name was derived from Andromeda ahihi. But other than that this amuses me so much because it has so much Lorde vibes (her vibes prior to her collaborating with MAC on a purple lipstick). I wonder how I'll look wearing this...

They also sent in a lipstick in the shade "Norma." This shade is a pinky nude shade that will surely do a lot of great things for many of my looks. I think this will be ultimate nudy pink for me and I am already excited with how many times I can wear this given that these are the kinds of shades I gravitate towards. I am also eyeing how cute this will look when mixed with my other pink lipsticks...

This is their "Orange You Gorgeous" lipstick. I am also amused by this because all of you dolls know that I don't really wear orange shades... I hope this is vibrant and cute.

And they also sent in some of their sooooper popular lip and cheek rolly's! This one is in bloody red and is immediately my favorite because it is such an intense color... Tints generally fade fast so this is the kind of intensity I'd be needing.

They also sent in another one in the shade "Blushing."

They also sent in some liquid lipsticks! This is their So Matte Lip and Cheek Therapy in Canopus. This is great for those who are looking for nude shades good for morena skin. I feel like the sienna touches to this really help to make this apt for Pinays.

They also sent in another one in the shade of Galaxy! This is a very wild red, a lot like the Mary Jo K of Kylie Cosmetics...

Last but not the least is this blur cream! I was initially puzzled as to what this is as it had so many words on the lid. It turns out to be a face primer.

I am so excited to be coming back with in depth reviews! Woohoo! 

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