Manila, 2016 –When 2016 has barely gotten underway, it’s already been a big year for the teen icon, Liza Soberano.

Luckily for Liza and for us, the fun is just the beginning: the actress and model – who has risen to become one of the most iconic teen stars in the Philippine industry today with contracts and starring roles left and right – debuts her first global beauty label endorsement for the World’s No. 1 Makeup Brand, Maybelline New York, as its newest Maybelline Girl.

Half-American, half-Filipina, Liza embodies a unique mix of youthfulness, style, and boldness that makes her the perfect fit for Maybelline New York. With the brand’s continued vision to inspire young girls to achieve their dreams with confidence and beauty, Liza represents those who are passionate, motivated, and determined to succeed and Make It Happen in life.
With the new, notable anthem of Maybelline that embodies the very spirit of the brand called ‘Make It Happen’, Liza perfectly represents the philosophy and lifestyle of empowered girls who never settle for anything less than the best.

Liza exhibits what Maybelline is all about - inspiring young girls, like herself, to make their dreams happen with beauty and confidence,” shares Cary Co, Marketing Manager of Maybelline New York. “Liza Soberano, the newest face of Maybelline, joins the brand’s roster of global ambassadors such as Gigi Hadid, Emily Didonato, Jourdan Dunn – confident women who are bold, fierce, and allows beauty to take them places – the mark of a true Maybelline Girl.”

Liza discovered her love for beauty and even fashion at an early age, starting with modeling for print ads and then taking on different roles for television and film. “When I first started in the show business, I was very shy! I couldn’t even smile right in front of the camera,” shares Liza. “Throughout the years, I’ve grown up in front of the limelight as a model and an actress and I believe makeup plays an important part in building the confidence to feel beautiful. I believe that women should feel confident innately, and makeup helps women, like me, because it gives them the extra boost that they need.”

Liza expressed excitement and gratitude to Maybelline for giving her the opportunity to inspire more and more young Filipinas to define their beauty, express themselves with confidence, and make their mark in life. “Maybelline New York has always been a dream brand for me, it’s the makeup I’ve grown up with from my very first lip balm, to my first mascara, up to discovering today more amazing Maybelline products that perfectly complement the lifestyle of girls in this day and age,” shares Liza. “It’s so exciting to be part of the fun, fearless, and hottest squad of Maybelline Girls! I’m honored to take on this new role as the new ambassador for Maybelline Philippines, proudly representing a brand that sparks courage and fuels the belief that beauty and confidence can take girls from all walks of life to places –you can make it happen.

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