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Monday, August 29, 2016

My Orogold Experience

So I rarely talk about my personal life in my own blog (which is so weird now that I am saying it), but weeeell, my cat Sandy suddenly became eligible for spaying last week!!! I was soooo shocked as she has failed blood tests left and right since January, thus making her ineligible for spaying for the longest time.

I booked my Orogold session initially for 3PM thinking that I'd go to my morning event, do groceries, and then have a pamper session there to end the day. When I booked the treatment, Sandy still hasn't had her latest blood test. But the day after I booked, her blood test came out and the vet wanted to spay her the next day so I had to act fast and not let the chance slip (Sandy got spayed at CARA Welfare and waiting list is already until October; the doctor just accommodated her because of her condition). I also couldn't cancel my appointments and commitments because they were already in place before her surgery so I went on with my day anyways. So to the team's surprise I had to reschedule my facial from 3PM to 1PM as I had to pick up Sandy from the vet at 4PM. But everything kinda fell into place as this is the exact kind of thing I needed before being my cat's (a.k.a. her majesty Sandy) servant as she heals from her surgery. I had a great time there so here's what I did.

Joie started by using their Vitamin C cleanser to remove the makeup that I came in. I had relatively light makeup as I still could not rub on my eyerowdery a lot, and also because I didn't want to take so much time for makeup removal during the facial itself. She then proceeded to use their 24K Deep Peeling gel on me (as seen in the photo). Joie's assessment is that I have the usual blackheads and oil related problems most young people have so she recommended the use of their peeling gel in order to address that. Their peeling gel is mild and gentle so I felt that it was actually nice. A lot of their products also have a citrus floral fragrance so it was an aromatherapy experience in itself.

She then proceeded to wipe off the peeling gel and all the dead skin that came with it. If you look hard enough you'd already see some of the dead skin flakes on my hair hahahaha

After, Joie proceeded to use their collagen and seaweed mask on me. She highly recommends this for young people as it helps with firming and improving skin texture. It's also a great way to relax as it has to be left on for 15 minutes.

After she wiped off the collagen mask, it was already time to put on the gold hydrogel mask. This is the uber popular gold mask they have, fully loaded with so much special ingredients for the skin.

I can't help but feel like a queen as it looks so regal. It really has sparkly golden flakes to it. It actually also smells so good as it has a citrus floral fragrance.

And yes, this box of 14 face masks and 12 eye masks costs a whopping Php47,100. But they really do justify the price with quality as it was refreshing to have the mask on. When it was taken off my skin really felt bouncy and healthy. I also liked that everything was absorbed quickly and there was no sticky or awkward feeling after the mask was removed. I wish that they sold it in singles because the effects of the mask really justify the price and that there'd be many people willing to splurge on this every so often.

This was a very big help as my skin had been a tad bit dry in general as I could not pile on a lot of the stuff I usually pile on as a result of my eyebrowdery. Having this done really helped to not only bring back my skin to regular moisture levels but to also make it dewy and bouncy. I didn't expect it but a lot of commenters on YouTube felt that I was more glowing or that my skin looked better or that I looked better, so it means that there are indeed benefits. I think that if the opinion is from others and not from me I think it's a more telling kind of thing that the treatment, especially the mask, really did bring visible results.

These ate the products that were used on me. I had the Vitamin C cleanser, 24K Deep peeling gel, collagen and seaweed mask, Vitamin C serum, 24K eye cream and 24K purifying toner. I am so excited to do a review over the peeling gel as it smelled super good and was very gentle. I am also so excited to do a review over the day cream as I wanted to have something light and easily absorbable from the brand.

For those who also want to avail of facials, they start giving out VIP cards to those who will spend Php40,000 or more on the brand. VIP cards grand the user one free facial every month with a gold mask experience included.

As for the million dollar question, no, I was not able to take the mask home. It is company policy that they take back the mask for inventory then dispose of it, so I was not able to take it home. I feel so bad for the mask because if I could take it home I'd like put it on everyone's faces and errthing before disposing of it because it really is too good.

I am soooo excited to be back for more facials here!!! It's a great way to relax and at the same time get my skin rejuvenated and hydrated. It's also a great way to feel fancy with all the gold in all the products.

I went to Orogold Century City Mall. They also have a branch in Newport Mall. Facials like what I did need to be scheduled at least a day before as it will be done in the VIP room. If you're just looking to try out the products, they actually do provide free try on sessions for those who want to test the creams and everything. They don't have the gold masks in the free try on sessions, though.

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