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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Lime Crime Velvetine Red Velvet Liquid Lipstick Review

I know it feels weird that it's only now I'm having a formal Lime Crime product review. This is my first Lime Crime review ever, despite blogging about my Lime Crime hauls and even including one of these in my giveaway from waaaaaaay back in 2014! BTW this is also a draft post that got stuck in the pipelines in 2014, so I thought I'd finish it off now. I don't know, for some reason when I see a product all the time in my page or blog, I sometimes forget that I haven't made a formal review about it yet. 

Anyways, so much for that. Today, I'll be giving my thoughts on Lime Crime's velvetine. This is their liquid to matte lip stain, or in my own thoughts, the high end version of NYX's soft matte lip cream. 

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Ballet Manila Presents Cinderella (November 26, 2016)

No one speaks in ballet, but there is really this unexplainable magic to it! 

I am very thankful to have been invited to grace Ballet Manila's showing of Cinderella last weekend. They still have more shows this weekend so hurry and get your tickets!!!

Overall, the production quality was soooo high on this show. They really put in a lot of effort to make the technical elements of a Cinderella show come alive. It's not just ballet. It's an all encompassing spectacle. There's the glass shoe, the crystal carriage, and the dress that gets torn by the stepsisters. 

Plenty of dancers had lights on their costumes, and it's not easy to put lights on costumes, especially for the purpose of ballet that they're jumping and spinning the whole time. I honestly super comend the costume department for creating all these props and add ons that are able to withstand the ballet dancers' movements. Even madam Lisa is interesting with how she can keep a wig on whilst twirling and jumping, as she took on the role of Fairy Godmother. 

  The most amusing for any audience member, perhaps, is how they made Cinderella change from common clothes to Cinderella clothes onstage and how the animals turned into handsome tailors and carriage drivers to bring Cinderella to the ball. 

There is really a need to see it for one's self. There is a special magic that comes alive when the music, the dance, and all the other things like the lighting, costumes, and props come together. This is far from the boring and stiff kind of ballet some people might have in mind. I honestly could not believe that two hours had already immediately passed by!  

I am sure all of you already know Cinderella so this post is really more about the photos to hopefully inspire you to go this weekend. There is an 8PM performance on December 3 and a 3PM performance on December 4. 
<3 Enjoy!

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Beauty News: Current Garnier Price List

Okaaay, I know y'all are busy getting gifts and stocking stuffers for the holidays, so I thought I'd be sharing the price list that the Garnier team shared to us for easy shopping! These are scans from a booklet they sent us home with. I'll be writing it verbatim here in case it's too small or too blurry. Please do note that these are SRP's, so prices may fluctuate by a small margin between retailers. 

Light Complete Range
  • Garnier Light Complete Scrub 100mL (Php149) 
  • Garnier Light Complete Brightening Foam 100mL (Php149) 
  • Garnier Light Complete Milky Dew Toner 150mL (Php179)
  • Garnier Light Complete 12HR Shine Free Cream 40mL (Php145)
  • Garnier Light Complete Day Cream 50mL (Php265)
  • Garnier Light Complete Night Cream 80mL (Php265)
  • Garnier Light Complete Eye Roll On (Php240) 
  • Garnier Light Complete Peel Off Mask (Php49) 

Pure Active Range
  • Garnier Pure Active Scrub 100mL (Php159)
  • Garnier Pure Active Foam 100mL (Php159) 
  • Garnier Pure Active Fruit Energy Foam 100mL (Php159)
  • Garnier Pure Active Toner 150mL (Php189)

Micellar Range
  • Garnier Micellar Water Pink 400mL (Php249) 
  • Garnier Micellar Water Pink 125mL (Php149)
  • Garnier Micellar Water Pure Active 400mL (Php249) 
  • Garnier Micellar Water Pure Acive125mL (Php149)

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Beauty News: #MakeHolidaysHappen with Maybelline (and Liza Soberano)

Manila, 2016 --- There’s entering a room and then there’s making an entrance, with sensational lips and lashes that last! From naturally beautiful skin to flirty eyes, wow any crowd during the Holidays with this Total Holiday Looks Box from the World’s No. 1 Makeup Brand, Maybelline New York. Which look will you choose to make it happen this season?

Whatever look you want this Holiday season – whether festive fresh for those weekend get-togethers, romance-ready to spice up Holiday date nights, or bright and bold for that perfect night-out – never doubt about making it happen as these Maybelline products will surely help you be the season’s scene stealer!

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water Launch (November 23, 2016)

It's. Finallyyyy. Heeeeere... 
I wish Garnier could've given everyone a memo because I had already bought their suuuper popular micellar water in Thailand when I went there last August! Wahahahahahaha 

But yeah, I am sure you have heard about Garnier's Micellar Water online, you may have tried to hoard it from France or the US or in the other countries it's in, or you may have received this as a pasalubong or balikbayan box prezzie from a loved one. Whatever your interaction may be with this product, I am sure you have already heard enough to be compelled enough to buy one when it hits shelves this December.

My role here really is just to tell you that it's already here and that you should get your money ready. 

Soooo to formally introduce the product to members of the press, media, and sardines like me, Garnier invited us to a light lunch at Happy Garden Café the other day. May I just say how happy I am with their whole flatlay set up? They spent a loooong time getting the venue ready because they made the whole place IG worthy! 

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Liese In Watsons Event (November 10, 2016)


For the longest time, I am sure you, like any other citizen, thought that Liese was in Watsons from the start. Even I thought so, too! But apparently, that's not the case. It's only now that they are officially making their debut in the beauty retailer's shelves. 

I reaaally thought that it was in Watsons, because as you may or may not know, I have been a fan of the brand since waaaay back. I got most of my Liese dyes abroad from Watsons outlets in HK and Taiwan. So in my mind, it'd also be in Watsons. But now, my thought process can go on smoothly as they are now in Watsons! 

In order to get the good news out, they held an event (where else?) in the blank space at Watsons SM Makati. 

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Finally A Sigma Affiliate! (My Welcome Kit)

Finalllleeee. After two plus plus plus years or so? It actually feels like it's been forever since I've been trying to get into the Sigma Affiliate system. 

I love Sigma, you guys know that. When I made my first brush purchases as a makeup noob, I trusted Sigma to fill up my whole brush collection. I got the Extreme Color Payoff kit first, then the Mr. Bunny travel kit, the brush cleaning glove, the Pro Kit, The Kabuki sets for face and for precision, and basically the rest is history. 90% of all my brushes are Sigma brushes I bought on my own, and years after all those purchases I stand by my decision as all I have been enjoying all these years are brushes that don't shed nor stain, and brush cleaning solutions that are smart and able to maintain my brushes in top condition.

I have long been applying to be an affiliate, but the first time I had applied in 2014, I was rejected due to lack of site traffic. I didn't see it as a reason to hate the brand but instead saw it as a reason to work harder and strive more until I actually get into the program. I actually kept on checking and checking back on the page to see if I had possibly qualified already, and I always looked at the other affiliates and looked at the numbers they were achieving and used it as a benchmark. I look up to a lot of the affiliates in the system like xSparkage, Patrick Starr, Nikkie Tutorials, to name a few. I always thought that "Oh I should work harder probably" until one day this year I was offered a spot in the program. It was honestly overwhelming to get that offer after aspiring to apply for the longest time. 

I have always felt that working with Sigma is the perfect kind of collaboration because it's a brand that I stand for and it's a brand that I really buy. I do a lot of reviews for a lot of brands, but it feels more motivating to review items that I personally will aspire to buy for myself. 

Sooo for this post, I'll be talking about the super famous Sigma Affiliate welcome kit!!! I am sooo giddyyyyy talking about this. I already bought some of the items that came in this kit beforehand, so I think I already have a lot to say about some of the items. 

Gosh can I just say how surreal it was when I was reading Emma's welcome note!? I never thought I'd be getting into the program so reading her handwritten welcome note was so weird to me. Like I couldn't believe it was happening. Gahhhhh 

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Céleteque Matte Lipstick Reviews and Swatches

Hooooray for world class Pinoy beauty fare!!! Yeahp, you may have also been fooled! Céleteque has always been this French brand that you see all your friends use but for some reason you've never seen it sold outside the country. It's actually because this is proudly manufactured by Unilab! 

(Umamin kayo you immediately said in your heads "Unilab yan!!!" after reading that sentence) 

Soooo Céleteque has long ceased to just be a skincare brand. It is now an all encompassing dermoceutical brand featuring skincare, bodycare and makeup. Today's review will be all about their matte lipsticks. I think I am only missing one shade here in their whole collection so this should be exciting!  

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

My September Althea Shopping Spree (I Paid!!!)

Blogging is a funny thing. I work for brands with real deadlines over real campaigns without a legit salary. But my deadlines are as real as any other salaryman's deadlines. Whenever I buy things for myself they don't necessarily end up on the blog because I always have to put "work" first. Weeeelll this is one of those times that it happened. This is a haul that I did on Althea waaaay back in September but it's only now I get to talk about it here on the blog! 

Thursday, November 17, 2016

My Johnson's Milk+Oats and Shiny Drops Experience

Like I said on Instagram, the best things in life are free refills of items you already own and love! I have long been hoarding Johnson's Baby products, and when the Milk+Oats series came out, I also hoarded as usual. Now, they are on Sample Room and I was sent a thoughtful gift basket by the folks of Sample Room and JnJ. I thought I'd talk about my experience more today!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Unpretty Rapstar Crazy Deep Lip Paint Review (Holy Grail Product)

Finallyyyyyy finallyyyy finally!!!! I've finally found the lip tint that really deserves to be deemed as holy grail material. After all these years of living in what has to be the second largest lip tint consuming country in the world (next to Korea of course mehehe) 

I've been seeing a lot of lip tints flying around the internet, and a lot of local brands have risen to cult status. While I am happy about the meteoric rise of a lot of theselocal brands, I've felt like there was still something missing to them. Like yeah I've been reading stories of this tint or that tint having pretty shades or lasting all day, but I was looking for something more intense. And finally, I have thus found the most intense and un-erasable lip tint on earth. Thank you Unpretty Rapstar for bringing this Crazy Deep Lip Paint to the makeup world! This is such a standout even amongst the most popular Korean lip tints out there! And I don't need to blab about it, I can show it! 

Reaaaad moooooarrrrrrr

Monday, November 14, 2016

Beauty News: Liese Now in Watsons!

Yeahp! My favorite consumer hair color brand is now In Watsons! Expect the brand to be available soon in most major Watsons outlets, set to retail for Php485 a pop. 

Online, you can find the brand at

These are the Watsons branches you'll find the brand in:
SM Dept Store Makati
SM Dept Store Fairview
SM Dept Store Bicutan
Robinson Galleria
Robinson Place Manila
SM Dept Store Sucat
Market Market
Center Pasig Frontera
Marquee Mall
North ESM Dept Store
SM Aura Premiere
Starmall Alabang
SM Dept Store Cubao
Fairview Mall
SM Dept Store Manila
SM Dept Store Southmall
Bicutan Mall
Sta. Lucia
San Lazaro
Mall of Asia

SM Taytay
San Mateo

SM Dept Store Baguio
Clark Mall
Tarlac SM Dept Store
Marquee Mall
SM Dept Store Cauyan
Robinson Place malolos
SM Dept Store Pampanga
Clark Mall
SM Dept Store Cabanatuan
Watson Downtown San Fernando Mall

SM Dept Store Bacoor
SM Dept Store Batangas
SM Dept Store Sta Rosa Laguna
Mall Sta. Rosa 1
SM Dept Store Lipa
Lipa Mall
Waltermart Trese Martires
SM Dept Store Trece Martires
Robinson Place Gen.Trias
Batangas Mall
SM Dept Store Rosario Cavite

Lim Ket Kai Mall – CDO
Rositas Cebu
Lanang Premiere
Robinson Iloilo
Seaside Cebu 1
Gen San
Bohol Quality Mall
Robinson Place Antique
Ayala Center Cebu
Bacolod Mall

And for those who are looking for other retailers, this is where their wares are available:
Landmark Dept Store Makati
Landmark Dept Store Trinoma

Metro Gaisano Dept Store Taguig
Metro Gaisano Dept Store Antipolo
Metro Gaisano Supermarket Antipolo
Metro Gaisano Dept Store Fairview
Metro Gaisano Dept Store UP Town
Metro Gaisano Dept Store Anonas QC
Metro Gaisano Dept Store Alabang

Robinsons Dept Store Galleria
Robinsons Dept Store Ermita
Robinson Dept Store Metro East
Robinson Dept Store Festival Mall 

Robinsons Supermarket Supermarket Galleria
Robinsons Supermarket Ermita Manila
Robinsons Supermarket Tutuban Centermall
Robinsons Supermarket Starmall Alabang
Robinsons Supermarket Citi Square Malabon
Robinsons Supermarket BF Parañaque
Robinsons Supermarket Montalban Town Center
Robinsons Supermarket Lucky Gold Plaza Ortigas
Robinsons Supermarket Magnolia
Robinsons Supermarket Imus Cavite
Robinsons Supermarket Novaliches
Robinsons Supermarket Metro East
Robinsons Supermarket Pioneer

SM Hypermarket Sucat 
SM Hypermarket Bicutan
SM Hypermarket Molino 
SM Hypermarket Valenzuala 
SM Hypermarket MOA 
SM Hypermarket Pasig 
SM Hypermarket Imus 
SM Hypermarket Market Mall (Kadiwa) 
SM Hypermarket Muntinlupa 
SM Hypermarket Taytay 
SM Hypermarket Las Pinas 1
SM Hypermarket Makati 
SM Hypermarket Mandaluyong 
SM Hypermarket Adriatico 
SM Hypermarket Sucat Lopez 
SM Hypermarket Alabang Zapote Road 
SM Hypermarket Monumento 
SM Hypermarket Cainta 
SM Hypermarket Antipolo 
SM Hypermarket Jazz 
SM Hypermarket FTI

PCX Ermita
PCX Rokwell
PCX Greenbelt
PCX Alabang

South Supermarket Alabang 
Pioneer Center 

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Beauty News: Celeteque Matte Lipsticks Unveils New Shades

As these–ber months signal the start of the season’s festivities, women find more reasons to want to prettify and pucker up. They dress to the nines, teeter on their heels, and make sure faces are done to perfection. To complete and update their look, they’ve got fresh additions to their arsenal: Céleteque’s NEW Matte Lipsticks.

The latest Céleteque Matte Lipsticks come in three covetable shades: Nude, a brown-tone neutral that can match any skin tone; Ruby, a statement-making party-ready crimson; and Wine, a deep mauve that for that grounded regal look. These three NEW Céleteque Matte Lipsticks make for perfect kit companions for the season’s festivities. Add these new colors to your lippie collections and be ready for an exciting fourth quarter.

Céleteque DermoCosmetics Matte Lipsticks are co-created with dermatologists, ensuring that each lipstick is infused with dermo-grade ingredients that keep sensitive lip skin healthy. Céleteque Matte Lipsticks give your lips the alluring touch of a long-wearing formula that lends lips a vivid matte color finish. It glides on easily and leaves the lips with no waxy feel.

Céleteque’s lippies have Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E) that moisturizes lips, Bisabolol that reduces flaking and restores suppleness, as well as Candelilla Wax that nourishes lip skin. With healthy lips in season-worthy shades, women finally have that fresh swipe of confidence they need to look their best. They feel better and look better, too, especially when an alluring smile easily plays on their lips. In this case, Bob Marley definitely got it down pat, there is definitely nothing more beautiful than the curve of a woman’s smile— and thanks to Céleteque, that curve got even lovelier.

Céleteque Matte Lipsticks are exclusively available in Watsons for only Php 595.

Friday, November 11, 2016

My Lazada Christmas Shopping Experience

Let me say this once and for all: Everything you can possibly think of giving someone for Christmas is on Lazada. I swear. I really swear. 

So the folks from Clozette invited me to do some shopping on the site, and I honestly took like forever to close the transaction because virtually everything is on Lazada! I honestly found myself browsing tables, shelves, induction cookes, frypans, makeup brushes, storage boxes, musical instruments, and basically anything and everything under the sun. I really was so amazed at how virtually any brand can be found on Lazada, and how there is a version of every item for every kind of budget. It may be easy to get lost in the website, but when I think of it, it's actually much easier to get lost in the site shopping than actually do the non-virtual thing.

Come to think of it, every brand has its own store, and as such one will need to make an effort to visit each store. Hopping from page to page on Lazada is actually going from one mall to another mall or standalone shop in real life. Or going from one wing to another wing of a mall. Given today's high degree of mall saturation and the extremely unbearable traffic, these kinds of activities aren't fun anymore. There is also the other challenge of bringing all the items home especially when Christmas gifts are involved, or when bulky items are involved--how do you actually bring that all home? I think that's where Lazada can really step in to shine. Like on a normal day it probably will not be as crucial, but this holiday season it can spell the difference between a happy and festive giftgiver and a haggard one. 

So today Im'ma talk about the items I got on the site!

Friday, November 11, 2016

Beauty News: Saladbox Shop now Open!

Saladbox, a Philippine discovery retail service, is set to launch their own e-commerce store this November 11. The company has been making noise in the beauty and grooming industry since it was relaunched November of last year. Aside from launching their new website, the fast growing company is now expanding by offering another service to their valued customers who love to shop online.

In online retail, we have a lot of players. Majority are fashion e-shops, but the beauty category in online retail has not been explored that much yet. This is where we come in,” says Paul Dimafelix, Founder and Managing Director of Saladbox.

Starting this Friday, November 11, Saladbox Shop will sell beauty products, styling accessories, grooming kit essentials for both women and men. Some of the brands that Saladbox will be offering in the store are global brands Glamglow, Victoria’s Secret, Ciate, Lioele, and up-and- coming local brands Lipmate, Rraw and a lot more!

Starting 8pm today, November 11, everyone can buy online in the Saladbox website at

Friday, November 11, 2016

Althea Cute Box Unboxing

Today is an unboxing of yet another box that was doing soooo well that it has already sold out! This is Althea's Cute Box, the second installment to their curated boxes. I am sooo smitten with their curated boxes because in terms of "hit or miss," everything has been a hit so far. As I mentioned in my previous curated box post, I liked how they were really putting good stuff in the boxes and not just stuffing slow moving products together. The same is true for this box because every single thing is a treasure! 

Amd for those who might be curious, I just want to clarify that The Saem's Choco Pie hand cream, Holika Holika's Gudetama blush, and Tony Moly's Magic Food Banana cream are all not part of this box. I just thought I'd put them on the same flatlay because all the Althea items were just too cute!!! But you can find the choco pie hand cream on the site!! 

Friday, November 11, 2016

Beauty News: Maybelline's CRAZY Lazada Online Revolution Markdowns

Shame on you, shame on your cow if you don't shop for Maybelline treats at Lazada today! Now is the perfect time to shop given that it's not going to be easy to get all these steals for Christmas gifts once this special sale is over... I heard some shades are already being sold out even if it's less than an hour into the sale SO SHOP NOW MGA BES. And thankfully there are plenty enough items that have discounts that there's something we can buy as presents!   

Here are some highlights! 
 Maybelline Hypercurl Mascara is at 50% Off or only P99.50 (from Php199).   
 Creamy Mattes by Color Sensational will be at 50% from Php299 to Php149.50! 
 Dream Velvet Foundation is at Php249.50 from Php499
 Dream Satin Skin Liquid Foundation is at Php249.50 from Php499
 Clear Smooth All In One Powder is at 35% off, making refills Php109.85 from Php169 and cased powders at Php168.25 from Php259. 
 V-Face collection is at 30% off!
 Micellar Water at 30% off or only P139 (from P199) 

GO GO GO!!!! 

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Althea Life Proof Box Unboxing

It's always fun to shop at Althea because you will never get out of the place without hoarding all sorts of stuff hahahahaha. But weeell, for one, I am so excited to talk about this unboxing as well as other unboxings of my personal purchases from Althea! Again, I repeat, I am really a customer there. It doesn't mean that I'm happy about Althea is because my opinion was bribed through free products. I buy from the place, too, and it's actually the efficient service and convenient shopping experience that makes me like the place at face value. 

But they kinda took the convenience part to the next level with all their curated boxes. There are sooo many new things coming to Althea and within a year it's already the source of what's hot and what's new in K-beauty. Whenever I want to know the trends, I open my Althea emails actually. 

Soooo this is their Lifeproof Makeup Box, which unfortunately isn't on the site anymore as a curated box. However, the items are still floating around on the site, and since all of them are worth trying due to the trust we have on the curators, Im'ma still talk about it anyways. Aaand always do check out the site because they are always throwing in new ideas for curated boxes! Their boxes are legit nice stuff and not slow moving goods put together so they're sure to put real smiles on your loved ones' faces this Christmas. 

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Sooper Beaute Lip and Cheek Therapy Review

In yet another installment in Sooper Beaute month, this is my review of their Lip and Cheek Therapy! This may be called 'therapy' but it is actually a liquid lipstick. And lo and behold, it actually has a very competitive formula! A lot like Kylie's liquid lipsticks. It's surprisingly thaaat good. 

Monday, November 07, 2016

Sooper Beaute So Matte Lipsticks Review

I think I am informally naming November as Sooper Beaute month here on the blog! They've sent over so much stuff over the past few months (and I'm sooooper thankful for them!), but well since I am only a mere mortal I can only produce so much content at a time. This is one of the reviews that got stuck in the backlogs! So yaaaaay, Imma do a review over one of their best selling flagship products. You may have seen this on IG already given how soooo many bloggers and celebs are talking about this, and how Sofia Andres just looks soooo gorgeous in every single shade! 

I got four shades for this review, mostly consisting of the most hyped up and frequently-sold-out shades. I actually just don't have Hydra, but this is actually almost the whole collection! 

Monday, November 07, 2016

Sooper Beaute Lip and Cheek Lacquer Review

In a world of liquid lipsticks and everything matte and opaque, Sooper Beaute has decided to do things differently in time for the holidays! I am guessing they did this for the super slightly chillier holidays (yeah we're in the Philippines who are we kidding). This is a very unique product and as far as I can tell this is the first of its kind. I actually couldn't understand what it was when I was using it till I looked at their IG. 

It's not liquid lipstick as they have the lip and cheek therapy for that. It's also definitely not lipstick. It's not sticky nor structured enough to be a gloss (even though the product description on beautyMNL says it's supposed to be a high shine gloss), and while this has healing properties for the lips it's not what comes to mind when lip balm is the topic either. The term lacquer is probably misleading as it brings to mind the mental images of drying and sealing and would be more apt for a liquid lipstick, but I get where they are coming from that it really is just so unique that no term can really nail down what it really is.