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Monday, November 28, 2016

Cathy Doll AA Series Launch (November 24, 2016)

Welcome, AA series!!! 

When I was doing my work for Cathy Doll for Karmart ABBC 2016, it was quite problematic as there were a lot of things that still weren't brought in. And it was not merely not seeing certain shades--it was not having functional or structural items in my looks. First time for me to do full look videos starting from skincare that didn't involve mentions of BB Cream, eyeshadows, mascara, and so many other things. Being in the middle of an international competition representing the newest Cathy Doll territory was definitely not easy. But they have come a long way despite only starting operations here in the Philippines since May. Cathy Doll is now in 7/11, in like a bazillion places nationwide, and now this. 

The AA series is critically acclaimed in Thailand and in all the Cathy Doll territories where the brand has been in for quite some time. The series is famed for being suitable for tropical climates, Cathy Doll being a Thai brand. AA isn't a gimmick either. AA stands for Automatic Aura thanks to the pearl pigments in the product, Anti Acne because it has salicylic acid, and Anti Aging because it has niacinamide. Think of it as BB cream with real added benefits. 
To get the word out, they invited a small group of press and media for an intimate luncheon at Italianni's Shangri-la.

Given the kind of traffic we experience as it's the holiday season again, I went there early and left early. This is why there's still not a lot of people from the photos. I think I was the first official blogger guest to arrive alongside some members of the press who came at the same time.

Everyone is sooo lucky to be getting these AA pillows. These are for sale in other Cathy Doll territories and they don't come cheap!

So let's get down to business. The cushions come in 3 shades, 21-Light Beige, 23-Natural Beige, and 25-Sand Beige. As far as I know the primary cushion costs Php1,100, and there still seems to be no refill cartridges anywhere. Each cushion has 15g of product. There is a 6g trial version that one can buy from 7/11 in Thailand but maybe that's for later on in the import strategy plans. The trial version is also much less sophisticated, like a small jar with a small and thin cushion inside without the whole cover and cartridge thing going on. There are also sample sizes of this, like literally the cushion in a packaging akin to a tablet or pill, and then the other pill cavity has an applicator sponge. I have yet to watch how things unfold with you guys.

I do hope that the trial and sample versions eventually make it to 7/11.

This is SPF50, so for a lot of people, this can be their all encompassing base makeup item.

Beside each other, they may look the same, but these are shades 21 to 25 side by side.

Since this doesn't come with refill cartridges it's so loaded. Like touching a new unit ever so slightly oozes out so much product. I think you can see the imprints here hahaha

So for the shades, 21 is a very pale ivory shade with barely any undertones. 23 is a slightly darker version of 21 with pinkish undertones. 25 is a skip and is noticeably darker than 21 and carries with it yellowish undertones. For the avid readers of this blog, to give an idea, I am in the middle of 21 and 25 in the strictest sense in terms of hue. 23 itself is a tiny little bit too light but it's the best choice still as I have pinkish undertones.

25 is very morena friendly so I'm glad that that shade was also brought in.

In Thailand there are already 6 shades of the cushion, as they decided to add 22-Fair Beige, 24-Medium Beige and 25-Honey Beige to complement 21, 23, and 25 in terms of hues and undertones. Perhaps 26 will be an interesting addition to the Philippine collection in the future. For now, 25 is adequate for most morena skintones given that this will also oxidize.

On the flipside, this is their AA Cream in tube. This is Php750 per 50g tube, and while the tube may be small, one must remember that most competitors sell 30g tubes. Keep that in mind when computing for per mL expenses. This is bound to be cheaper per mL given the generous amount of product, but I'm not denying that it's also quite a big investment upfront for a lot of people. 

Thankfully, this also comes in sachet form and I think the sachets will be in 7/11 in the Philippines soon so you can get to try this before making an investment. 

Right now they have 2 shades brought in. 21-Light Beige and 23-Natural Beige.

Despite bearing the same names, for some reason, I don't know if it's just me, or the AA in tube is a bit more ashy than the AA in cushion. I have yet to talk to people and see if they feel the same hahaha. But basically 21 is like your 21 in cushion but with an ashy undertone. 23 is like 23 in cushion hue wise, but also ashier.

In terms of coverage, this is how the cushion looks like. You can see that the blue veins are nowhere to be see on that line. But you can also like see that it's there. 

For the AA Cream, the coverage is even thicker and the consistency is even more potent. As you can see it's like the spot is porcelain perfection. At this point my blue veins are really nowhere to be seen.

Soo the next question is of course about where you can get yourselves these wares. Here you go: 

You can also go to their Zalora store to snag these:

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  1. All 7-11 outlets po ba or selected lang? Wanna try them all! the packaging is very girly and attractive!