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Wednesday, December 07, 2016

#MakeHolidaysHappen with Maybelline

I think every girl is sure to get something from Maybelline for Christmas because of three possible reasons. One, Liza Soberano. Two, the Crazy Sale is ongoing. Three, they launched so many products this year there just has to be something for every girl on your list. 

Soooo if I am to recall, this yeaar, they released:
Eyes/Eyebrows- Blushed Nudes, Rock Nudes, Fashion Brow Duo Shaper
Face- Dream Velvet Foundation, Reformulaed Clear Smooth AIO Powder, V-Face Contour Line, Micellar Water, BB Cushion
Lips- Lip Gradation, Vivid Mattes, Rosy Mattes, Lip Flush, Creamy Mattes Brown Nudes, Lip Flush Bitten Lip

And these products all join an already very expansive product line. 2016 is Maybelline's year, especially with having Liza as an endorser. But Liza aside, they released so many things this year, I think waaay more than they did in the past few years. So that's why it's possible to #MakeHolidaysHappen with Maybelline. There reaally just has to be something for whatever gift objective you have. 

BTW they asked me to do a short tutorial featuring Liza Soberano's look in her KV. Her look is dubbed "Make Natural Happen." I personally like the two other looks, but they know me well and assigned me this look because this resonates with me more. I am the kind of person who is looking forward to the food of the holidays the most. I don't spend so much time on makeup for parties because I feel like eating more than primping. To add, I come from a rightist Chinese family, so sporting the usual red lips and glittery eyes you see on YouTube will put me in hot water with overtly conservative aunts. I've had an aunt make fun of my makeup in plenty of parties, and as much as I hate her, I am still required to attend clan events. So I just tone the makeup down when I'm going to see her. 

Sooo this is the tutorial! Remember, this is a tutorial on Liza's look, not Liza's face. I just go from sardine to prettier sardine, not from sardine to Liza. K? 

That aside, here is the box they graciously sent over! I think this is already their Christmas gift to bloggers for a year's worth of content, collaboration, and friendship. 

These are their bestsellers for different kinds of looks. The holidays call for a lot of bold lip looks, so they made sure to send beautiful reds over. 

So let's go over each look!
For Liza's look, the key items involve her favorite Clear Smooth All In One powder (Php259), Rosy Mattes in Mat 3 (Rosy Peach) (Php299), and Fashion Brow mascara (Php249). The powder is SPF32! This lipstick shade is very morena friendly. 

Make Romantic Happen!
This is a more chiseled look so this includes V-Face Duo Stick (Php499) and V-Face Blush Contour (Php399). For the eyes, they recommend Hypercurl Mascara (Php199) for crazily curled lashes. And for the lips, that's Creamy Mattes in Rich Ruby (Php299).

Make Bold Happen!
To get Adriana's airbrushed look, they recommend Dream Satin Skin Liquid Foundation (Php499). For the eyes, try Hypersharp Power Black Liner ((Php299), and for the lips, try Creamy Mattes in Divine Wine (Php299) 

And going back, here's my take on Liza's look. It's really a very simple look anyone can pull off in less than 10 minutes. My raw filming footage is less than 12 minutes, so I am sure this is very easy to pull off!

And for my tutorial, these are what I used:
I used Maybelline Fit Me foundation and mixed it with Super BB Cream. The foundation I bought ended up a shade too light while the BB cream I got is a shade too dark, so I mixed the two of them to get to the middle. 
I also used Fit Me concealer! I am sooo in love with this concealer it's so high coverage and it has a very thick texture but it doesn't feel heavy at all. It's almost hulas proof, and crease proof too!

For the powders, I used Clear Smooth to set my base makeup and V-Face Duo Powder (medium) for my contour.

For the brows, I used Maybelline's Fashion Brow Duo shaper. For my eyeshadow, I, in part, used my Fashion Brow Palette. I used to use my Fashion Brow palette (Dark Brown) for my eyebrows, but as time went by, I ended up using it more for my eyeshadow. It's very pigmented and the colors are very pretty and neutral and of the right shades. Some eyeshadows are too ashy, some are too light/too dark, and some just chalk up. This is the right kind of neutral to appear as a beautiful cut crease transition color on me, and no fallouts. 

I used Color Tattoo as my first eyeshadow/eyeshadow base, and Hypercurl as my mascara. Initially I didn't really find anything special with Hypercurl, but as I used it more, I started to love it. It's the second mascara I've ever owned that gives me perfectly curled and volumized lashes the whole day. This is among the very very few mascaras that do not weigh down the lash and end up killing the curl. 

The pink items I used are Maybelline's Pure Blush Mineral in Pink and Rosy Mattes in Mat 3. 
This blush is among my newer Maybelline acquisitions; I got it from Lazada when I collaborated with them. This is suuuuper pretty I love it so much! It's the exact kind of pearliness I am looking for. And the shade is reaaally pretty. I own another shade and it's orangey so the orange-phobic person in me isn't able to use it much. This shade is the right kind of cheery and the right kind of muted. 

As for Rosy Mattes, I love the whooole collection, though this is my least favorite shade hahaha. It looks weird on me for some unknown reason. I've tried wearing this on many occasions, but I really just look weird here. I love Mat 5 the best because that shade is the right kind of pink for me. But as far as I know, this shade is doing the best here. My mom loves this shade sooo much.  

When you zoom in, you can then see the effect of the brow pencil and the mascara.

I used to think that the Brow Pencil's marketing video (the one with Liza Soberano promoting natural looking brows)  is pure marketing. But now that I've used it, there really is something. Like it's got this waxy texture that it arranges and sets brow hairs to make it look natural. And the color is also just right. For an American brand's eyebrow pencil, this is considered very hard. The usual American pencil is very soft and delivers plenty of pigment in a few strokes. This one is a more controllable formulation. It's stiffer, but it is the right kind of waxy that gets on the eyebrows evenly and doesn't chunk up on certain areas. It's also more buildable. 

BTW I was inspired by Liza's grey eyes recently mehehe. I'm using Secriss Coral Grey lenses here. 

And as for the lashes, I am sooo in love with Hypercurl. It's even prettier when views up close!!! It's not very hard to remove at the end of the day (most of my oil based removers can get this off easily), and the effect is crazy good, so it's worth the effort to remove. I don't know if it's just me, but I'm normally iffy about using mascara if I know it's hard to remove at the end of the day and doesn't work well enough to make it worth the effort at the end of the day to remove. There are many waterproof/lifeproof/smudgeproof mascaras out there, but not a lot of them are able to keep curls up the whole day or volumize the lashes in a flattering way (not in a clumpy way).

That's why I weigh the pros and cons hahaha. But as of late, I've been reaching out for this mascara for trips and events because it's pretty and relatively manageable to remove at the same time.

As for the eyeshadow, Color Tattoo tubs do become chunky after awhile, so for even application, one will really need to use a precision kabuki brush. And I reaaally love Fashion Brow's effects! It blends so easily. I used it for my gradpic recently even if no one required me to use it; it's just that good.

So yaaaaay, #MakeHolidaysHappen with Maybelline! Shop while the crazy sale is still ongoing! 

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  1. Hihi ang wacky mo naman sa video Ms. Mari! You look closely naman to Liza char! I love Maybelline products! Affordable sila at good quality! Ang galing mo mag make up Ms. Mari! Thumbs up!

  2. I love Maybelline eversince! Good price at quality of the product! <3 Love your lippie shade Ms. Mari!! :)))

  3. Lizquen ka din pala ms mari. �� wahaha. Mejo comedy ang video mo today pero i really love the look. Tama ka jan sayang ang effort sa pag me-make up tapos lalafang lang din. Sayang ang lipstick! �� nag subcribed na ako sa youtube channel mo. �� sana tuloy tuloy na ulit ang videos mo youtube wag pasaway ha! Advance merry christmas ms mari. ☺

  4. Ms. Mari ang cute ng pagpapa-pout mo ng lips sa video na to! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ agree ako sayo sa hypercurl mascara.. Been using that product too at totoo nabubuhay nya ang mga mata ko na laging puyat sa junakis ko.hihihi.. Love ko din ang maybelline products, dyan lang kasi nahiyang ang maarte kong balat sa mukha.. At natuwa ako ng bongga nung maging endorser nila si Liza. Happy Holidays madam! Praying for your continued success and my He continue to protect you and keep you safe. 😘

  5. I've been using maybelline at totoong mganda Ito gmitin .. That's my number one use..