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Monday, November 27, 2017

Ballet Manila Presents Snow White (November 25, 2017)

"Sooomedaaaay my prince will coooome!!!"

That is what basically will go through your head when you watch Ballet Manila's Snow White! If you happen to not live in a cave and have heard about how epic Ballet Manila's Cinderella was, then this is the next to the installment of epicness. But to be fair, epic in terms of production value, given the opulent set design and very detailed costumes. Because on the other hand, Swan Lake was epic in terms of technicality and dance discipline. Ballet Manila's Cinderella and Snow White charm the audiences and bring them to a fantasy world, while their rendition of Swan Lake really shows what ballerinas spend 12 hours a day in the ballet studio for. 

Before everything, there are still 2 shows coming this weekend! 6PM on December 2, and 3PM on December 3! Be sure to get your tickets from TicketWorld while you still can! 

Unfortunately, the traffic was so bad last Saturday that I only made it in time for Act 2. Act 2 mainly features the apple scene. I find it so amazing that Katherine Barkman is the lead again, because honestly, I still feel so tired for her with all the jumps and spins she did for 3 hours during Swan Lake hahaha. 

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Gluta-C Kojic+ Shower Salt Scrub Now In Sample Room!

Discover your skin's #PutiPlusKinis potential with the 4x skin whitening action of Gluta-C Kojic Plus line! They effectively deliver an intense, fast, and safe skin whitening using the combined powers of Glutathione, Vitamin C, Kojic Acid, and Azelaoyl Diglycinate. But to complete the step in getting a healthy glowing skin, they released their new Gluta-C Kojic Plus Shower Salt Scrub for your skin's exfoliation that promises to revitalize and smoothen your skin! 

This is in addition to the existing  Gluta-C Kojic Plus Toner

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Whisper Cottony Long Restocked on Sample Room!

Feel confident to move freely with the cottony comfort of these new pads from Whisper! With their built-in blue anti-leak channels and soft cottony cover, you'll surely get protected from stains and skin irritation. But to give you a superb Whisper experience even as you sleep, here's Whisper Cottony X-Long Overnights that's made softer, longer, and wider to give you stain-free nights! It'll provide an all night all around leakage protection as it has 5x more absorbency than an average pad, so you can get your worry-free and comfy #SleepGoals at night! 

It's restocked at Sample Room! Get your share before it's gone! 

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Conceal Hair Concealer is Now In Sample Room!

Say no to unsightly gray hair roots with these easy-to-use and quick hair touch-ups from Conceal! Its non-dye and washable solution help to instantly hide gray hair without getting your scalp damaged-- as it is free of toxins, ammonia, and hydrogen peroxide. Since more and more Filipinas are having a very busy lifestyle, this safe, quick and convenient Conceal Brush Tip Applicator will help you out to effectively get rid of your gray hair while in a rush! Just comb, apply, and dry, and you're ready to go! ;) Get your samples at Sample Room today! 

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Life News: CBTL Celebrates its Tradition of Giving with the 10th year of its Giving Journal

As holiday cheer begins to fill the air and traditions come alive, so are our hearts called upon by the true message of Christmas. At The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®, Christmas is not only a time to be merry, but a time to remember that we each are called to live a life in fellowship with others by being generous; by knowing and understanding the needs of others and focusing on those needs above ours, not only during Christmas but throughout the rest of the year. For The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®, their holiday tradition has always been rooted in giving and in the outpouring and sharing of the blessings in our lives with one another, and the brand invites everyone to do the same.
Now on its 10th year of the Giving Journal, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® celebrates its journey of giving through the years with a central theme: LEAVE A LEGACY. The brand dedicates its 10th year to its purpose - to empower each individual to live excellently and purposefully by living a life of service to others. They believe that each person has a responsibility to leave a legacy of profound good, impacting the lives of others, and that is why for 2018, the brand encourages its community to not only ask questions such as “What do I want to do?” Or “What are my goals?” but instead, to ask one’s self “What are my roles?” and “What does the world need from me?” As we set our hearts on another year, the The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®’s hopeful mission is this: to enable its community to expand their vision by including others.

Every word in each page of the Giving Journal is thoughtfully written, meant to enable its readers to reflect on their life’s purpose. An excerpt from one of the chapter articles goes:

“The question for everyone alive today is this: What kind of legacy will you leave behind? Will you leave a beautiful legacy for others to enjoy? Or will you leave a legacy of debt, pain, poverty, and sin that the people who come after you will have to pay for?”

As a socially-responsible company, the legacy The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® hopes to leave behind is one that transforms lives and communities for the better. With a vision of multiplying its impact for its fellow Filipinos, it calls upon its own network of Team Members and Customers to do the same. Every year, those who partake in the holiday tradition of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® by supporting their Giving Journal initiative is able to help live out the legacy of the Real LIFE Foundation, the direct beneficiary of the Giving Journal.
The Real LIFE Foundation exists to serve the poor in the Philippines by providing opportunities for educational assistance and holistic development. Since established, Real LIFE has not only allowed over 300 scholars from all over the country to earn a university degree, it has more importantly empowered these scholars to meaningfully impact the lives of others as productive change agents for good, much in the as way their own lives have been changed. Through the tremendous support we receive each year for our Giving Journal campaign, we have been able to directly support the Real LIFE Foundation, producing over 40 graduates- a number we commit to growing through the years as The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® sustains its efforts in nation building.
As we commence the holiday traditions and look forward to a new year ahead with the Giving Journal, it is The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®’s hope that we will all be filled with the spirit of humility, compassion, and generosity, and that we all learn to set aside our self-centered agendas and consider the needs of others as we strive to be persons of value within our own communities and our country.
To make its 10th year even more special, the 2018 lineup of Giving Journals from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® comes with a customizable cover specially made for individuals who use art as a form of creative self-expression. Three other Giving Journals are available in colors of green, grey, and blue, with designs that reflect The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®’s premium coffees and teas.

To redeem the 2018 Giving Journal, simply collect 12 stamps in any The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® store nationwide.


How to redeem the 2018 Giving Journal:
1.     The 2018 Giving Journal may be claimed at any The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® store all through the promo period from October 21, 2017 to January 14, 2018 or until 60 days after the promo has ended.
2.     The 2018 Giving Journal may be redeemed when a stamp card is completed with 12 stamps for the purchase of the following items:
(1)   Original Ice Blended®
(any flavor, regular or large size)
(1)   Tea Latte
(any flavor, regular or large size)
(1)   Coffee-based beverage
(any flavor, regular or large size)
(1)   Holiday featured beverage
(any flavor, regular or large size)
      (8)  The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® beverages*
(regular or large size)
*Coffee or tea-based beverages, Original Ice Blended®, Hot Chocolate/Vanilla, Cold Brew, Nitro Brew
       3.   Stamps may also be collected by purchasing the items below:
(1)   Ready Coffee Box (any flavor) = 1 stamp
(1)   CBTL Capsule Box (any flavor) = 2 stamps
(1)   CBTL Single Serve Beverage System (any model) = 12 stamps
4. The stamp card must always be presented UPON PURCHASE so that a circle may be stamped whenever its corresponding product assignment is purchased.

5. The completed stamp card should be presented and surrendered to the branch where The Giving Journal will be claimed. The cashier will punch the stamp card to prevent reuse. Combining of stamps cards is not allowed.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Life News: Ballet Manila's Snow White To Premiere on November 25

Funny how the idea of creating her own version of “Snow White” came to Ballet Manila’s CEO and Artistic Director Lisa Macuja-Elizalde right after her full choreographic debut last year. Due to the success of “Cinderella,” what was once regarded simply as “The Next One” has now become a second full-fledged masterpiece from the Prima Ballerina herself—and it’s finally making its world premiere in the 22nd performance season, “Flights of Fantasy.”

When asked about her fascination with fairy tales as ballet, she says, “My calling has always been to become a classical ballerina—nothing else. First, I believe in sticking to what you know, and I know my classical ballets very well. I have a wealth of classical ballet steps in my dancer’s vocabulary. If you think about it, the classical ballets are all fairy tales, or at least stories, that have come to life in dance form.”

Ballet Manila’s take on the fairy tale classic will be more Brothers Grimm than Disney when it comes to the production’s look and feel. This was a conscious decision made by Lisa herself, as she wanted the storytelling to be the main star of the show. They are “storytellers on toes,” after all.

Last year’s full choreography work in Cinderella was just the warm up. Lisa shares, “I now understand when choreographers say that they get inspiration from the dancers they work with. That was the case with Cinderella, and now, with Snow White.”

Lisa knew that she wanted more, now that her insecurities as a choreographer have gone away. With the help of Ballet Master Osias “Shaz” Barroso and even the dancers’ little quips and comments, and of course, the company’s mastery of the Vaganova technique, Snow White promises to be a magical and fantastic show—all in all, a truly Ballet Manila production.

From the costumes to the dancers themselves, there’s a sense of synergy that will be most evident when the show finally makes its world premiere. Lisa provides a teaser about the set designs and costumes:

“Set designer Mio Infante has talked about making mushrooms the main feature in the forest. There will be so many dynamic elements on stage like a moving mirror, as well as animal figures. Popular nursery rhymes will also be used in the music being arranged by Von De Guzman. Longtime Ballet Manila costume designer Michael Miguel will once again make amazing costumes. Watch out for Snow White’s costume changes!”

With Snow White, Lisa guarantees that each member of the audience will get their fill of pure magic, romance, and fantasy. The audience can only expect the highest quality of dancing as well from the country’s youngest yet strongest ballet company.

Lisa Macuja-Elizalde’s Snow White will make its world premiere on November 25, 2017 at 6:00PM at the Aliw Theater. There will be three other shows: November 26, (3:00PM), December 2 (6:00PM), and December 3 (3:00PM).

To learn more about Ballet Manila and their upcoming activities, you may visit or follow Ballet Manila on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Beauty News: Nivea Men Sensitive Aftershave Balm is FINALLY in the Philippines!

Good news! NIVEA MEN Sensitive Post Shave Balm, the much talked about “makeup primer” is now available in the Philippines! If you guys remember, Nikkietutorials “discovered” it accidentally when she was at her boyfriend's house and she forgot to bring moisturizer. She's been raving about it since 2015, and it's gained quite a lot of traction since then. A Kylie Jenner mention led to the product going viral on the internet, and the rest is history. 2 years later, the glowing reviews on Reddit and Amazon have shown that it's not a flash in the pan!

You can get this from Lazada and from Watsons! Each bottle is at Php550 for 100mL. 

Friday, November 17, 2017

Beauty News: The Gigi Hadid X Maybelline Collection is Here!!!

Manila, 2017 – It is every makeup junkie and fashion maven’s dream collaboration: the world’s no. 1 makeup brand and top model working together for a makeup collection that is to die for – the Maybelline x Gigi Hadid collection! This coast to coast set helps women all over the world cop Gigi’s favorite looks: from her home base in NYC to her hometown in LA. The design and details of these Maybelline makeup collections reveal the story of Gigi Hadid's life as she sees it, one shade name at a time.

Cop Coast to Coast Looks with MNY x Gigi Collection
Gigi Hadid is more than a muse. She is a CREATOR and the DRIVING FORCE behind this revolutionary COLLECTION. From her home base in NYC, to her hometown in LA, the design and details of these three Maybelline makeup collections personally reveal the story of Gigi Hadid’s life as she sees it, one shade name at a time.

Gotta love that WEST COAST GLOW with this California Vibe
Sunkissed and sultry, this glowing makeup collection is inspired by the warm California vibes of Gigi Hadid’s hometown. Boardwalk or catwalk, either way the West Coast Glow makeup collection is hot. A sunset red lip and a golden glow, this collection is so major.

Be the City Chic headturner with the EAST COAST GLAM Look
Fresh, bold, and fierce. It’s all about the cat eye in this city chic makeup look inspired by Gigi’s home away from home, New York City. Bold as the city itself is Gigi Hadid's signature nude lip and fierce cat eye. If you love NY, then you’ll heart this East Coast Glam makeup collection. The Master class covered how to achieve the perfect eye makeup using the Eye Contour Palette and finishing off with perfect winged cat eye with both eyeliners that are part of the collection.

First Class Fierce with the Jetsetter Palette
Inspired by Gigi Hadid’s frequent flying needs, feel wanderlust with this carry-on friendly makeup palette that holds all the makeup essentials you need to look fresh on the fly. With glowing skin and a fresh finish, you’ll fear no altitude. During the Master Class, Erin shared tips on how to use Gigi’s Jetsetter Palette to effortlessly transition from a day to night look.

Discover more about #GigixMaybellineinPH by tuning in to Maybelline’s social media accounts: YouTube channelFacebook Instagram and their Maybelline PH website. The Maybelline x Gigi Hadid collection will be exclusively available at select Maybelline counters in SM Department Stores and Watsons Stores nationwide starting November 15, 2017.
List of Stores:
SM North EDSA Department Store
SM Megamall Department Store
SM Mall of Asia Department Store
SM Makati Department Store
Watsons SM Mall of Asia Mall 1
SM Cebu Department Store
SM Megamall Watsons Daimaru
SM San Lazaro Department Store
SM Dasma Department Store
SM Fairview Department Store
SM Sta. Rosa Department Store
SM Manila Department Store
SM Las Pinas Department Store
SM Baguio Department Store
SM Cubao Department Store
SM Lipa Department Store
SM Clark Department Store
SM Calamba Department Store

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