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Saturday, June 23, 2018

I MET PATRICKSTARRR OMG + Lazada Beauty TV Experience (March 2, 2018)

March 2, 2018 was such a monumental day in my life, and I have so much regret that it is only now that I have the opportunity to talk about what happened in great detail!!!


Well, in an extreme twist of fate that can only be orchestrated by God, I met Patrickstarrr!!! Feb 24 was his meet and greet for MAC customers, and while I had no hesitations on hoarding everything to be able to see him at his fanmeet, I was unfortunately very ill. I was coughing up a storm, and I had a bad cold, too, hence I was sneezing and wheezing a lot as well. I didn't go to the event because I knew I'd only be a disturbance to public order my sneezing and coughing. I thought I missed the chance and hoped that he'd come again soon.

Well, lo and behold, Quezon City dweller Mari Perez was commissioned by Maybelline to do a Facebook live for Lazada at their BGC office, at 12NN sharp, on March 3, as the pilot episode of Lazada Beauty TV. Mari Perez walks into the Net Park Lima complex at 11:30AM, still quite sleepy due to severe insomnia, and sees a very very familiar face at Manam. OMG. IT. IS. PATRICKSTARR. Mari takes a 1 in a million chance and walks inside the resto to tell Patrick how much she loves him. Apparently, Patrick and the Starr fam are having their last meal at Manam before flying back to the US.

And kids, that's how I met PatrickStarr. OMG. It was such an extreme twist of fate because all the timings and venues just aligned!!!! I normally never go far away from QC, and even if I have an event at BGC, there are hundreds of possible venues that could've not been Net Park. Patrick could have been dining elsewhere, and could have not yet been there while I was walking at the lobby. Or he could've already left Manam by the time I finished my shoot. The more I think about it months from that day, the more thankful and grateful I feel because it's really an extremely rare circumstance that only God can do.

It was so humbling to meet the Starr fam, as they are so down to earth. You can see in Patrick and Mama Starr, Papa Starr, and Peter, how grateful they are for what they have. Mama Starr and Papa Starr radiate this aura of gladness with how the world has come to love their son so fervently. It's hard to put into words, but this is a really humble family that appreciates all that they have now and knows the hardships they went through to get to where they are now.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Canon B.L.I.S.S. with PIXMA Printers (February 7, 2018)

Welcome back to Mari's great backlog crisis! To squeeze in some life updates, I changed from full time work to part time work, so I'm working double time right now to catch up with all my backlogs. Again, to my dear readers and brand partners, very sorry for all the delays! 

Moving forward though, I thought I'd do a quick blog post on Canon's event last February. They launched their Pixma G series printers as well as their BLISS crusade. BLISS stands for Borderless, Limitless, In Service Satisfaction. Borderless and limitless are of course the more obvious parts as the Pixma G series printers make borderless print outs, and can print up to 12000 sheets per ink refill, hence limitless. As for service satisfaction, Canon has already implemented a customer friendly system of home pickups and deliveries for repairs or servicing. In general, even out of G series, they really try to find ways to make repairs less tedious. My Canon printer broke earlier this year, and while I did have to bring it to the McKinley repair center, I had it delivered to my house with no extra cost from the transaction fee charged from me. It's the little things like these that make life blissful (no pun intended), because realistically, printers, like all other devices, will experience problems after extensive wear and tear. We don't think about it at purchase point, but in reality, the aftercare and the service matters a lot for gadgets like printers. 

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Beauty News: L'Oréal FWIS 2018 National Fellow is Dr. Charissa Ferrera

Tackling the greatest challenges of the Agenda for Sustainable Development, will depend on harnessing all talent, and today, more than ever, science and gender equality are equally vital to drive sustainable development. Despite this truth, women account for only 30% of the world’s researchers, and with even lower percentages at higher decision-making levels.

In response, L’Oréal and UNESCO founded the For Women in Science(FWIS) program in 1998 with the mission to empower more women in the field of sciences by increasing the number of women in scientific research, promoting more young women to enter the profession, and to assist them once their careers are in progress.

Since the launch of FWIS, the program has supported more than 3,100 women scientists from 117 countries, and celebrated 102 renowned scientists at the peak of their careers including three who have won a Nobel Prize.  The program has increased the visibility, career opportunities, and self-confidence of women scientists across the world. The Philippines has had the privilege of seeing Dr. Lourdes Cruz win as a Global Laureate (2010) for her work with snail toxins, and has had four Filipina scientists awarded as National Fellows (2011 and 2012).

June 5, 2018 marks a milestone for the Philippines as FWIS celebrates the return of the program in the Country through the awarding of the newest FWIS National Fellow. The program’s return to the Philippines cements L’Oréal’s strong commitment to pushing women empowerment and leadership in science in the Philippines. “The L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science program was founded with the mission to ensure that critical research across various fields in science takes full advantage of the intelligence, creativity, and passion of women,” shares Ms. Carmel Valencia, Corporate Communications Manager of L’Oréal Philippines.

"We have been immensely proud of the work of our Laureates, Fellows and all the awardees across various fields, each proving to be vital in contributing towards sustainable economic growth, social development, and environmental sustainability. They all serve as testament to our belief that women in science truly have the power to change the world,” she asserts.

More than just an awarding ceremony, the forum tackled the multifaceted challenges of gender inequality in the field of science, recognized women’s contributions across various fields, and underscored the critical need for their full participation in driving the sustainable development agenda.

To solidify their commitment to drive increased women participation and success in the field of science, a six-point manifesto was signed by representatives from L’Oréal, UNESCO, National Academy of Science and Technology (NAST), and the scientific community.

The forum also featured distinguished panel speakers and women leaders from the scientific moderated by Ms. Rina Jimenez-David including Dr. Didith Rodrigo, Scientist and Author of “Women in Science” Children’s Books; Dr. Marieta Sumagaysay, Executive Director, National Research Council of the Philippines; and Dr. Laura David, FWIS Philippines National Fellow 2011; and Dr. Aletta Yñiguez, FWIS Philippines National Fellow 2012, to name a few. Each shared on their experiences as Filipina scientists and the opportunities that they see for more thought-leaders in the community. Through the discussion, it is L’Oréal’s and UNESCO’s hope to encourage visibility on the challenges and breakthroughs of Filipina scientists and push more sectors to provide support.

In its first year back, FWIS awarded one outstanding woman scientist who is leading with her study in chemical oceanography. Dr. Charissa Ferrera is recognized as the FWIS Philippines National Fellow 2018. With a relevant and timely research on the water quality in coastal areas and fishing localities particularly Bolinao and Anda, Dr. Ferrera pushes for sustainable mariculture by advocating to help communities recover from effects of pollution through effective science communication.

“I see my win as an opportunity to create a ripple effect that will allow for more individuals to be inspired to pursue careers in science,” shares Dr. Ferrera on winning the fellowship. As a woman who dared to ask, she hopes to encourage women who want to become researchers to stay motivated. “Look for opportunities because they are there and do not be afraid to ask. Always go for what you want and keep going no matter the circumstances,” advised Dr. Ferrera.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Beauty News: Vice X Bang is Here!!!

Ganda with a big big Bang!!! Lovers of Vice Cosmetics and anything unicorn themed are sure to love this awesome collaboration of Vice Ganda and stylist BFF Bang Pineda! Vice explained that though he has a lot of stylist friends, and friends in general, Bang was the perfect person to collaborate with as they share a very similar aesthetic. His fear with collabs was churning out a collection that didn't feel "Vice" per se, which is why he is very happy with the outcome of this collaboration.

This new collection features four liquid lipstick sets, with each set having a matte liquid lipstick and a super shameless glitter topper. The possibilities are endless with the toppers also working as highlighter and eyeshadow toppers. Get them at Watsons and Vice Cosmetics outlets near you for Php395 per set! Or check out their Facebook page for more information.

Here are the shades!

Monday, June 04, 2018

Ladouce Tampons Now In Sample Room!

Don’t let your period get in the way of doing what you love with Ladouce Tampons! Made of 100% biodegradable and body-friendly natural materials, you can feel safe and secure as it has high soft absorbency level that prevents leaks, irritation, and rash. Plus, they do not stray you away from doing sports or wear any clothing that you want as it stays invisible underneath any type of clothing!

Get your samples now from Sample Room! You may also find this at Lazada and through their other retail channels. For more info, you may also visit

Monday, June 04, 2018

Beauty News: Fun In The Sun with KojieSan Sun Products!

Have fun in the sun but be kind to your skin—the Sun Patrol is watching

The summer heat is on full effect! Time to get out there, get that golden tan in your most stunning summer threads, and sit back with a nice cold refreshing beverage in hand. Pretty sight, isn't it?
However, while the sun, sea, sand, and breeze collectively paint an amazing imagery of summer, one could also imagine how these elements can damage the skin when exposed without protection.

Have you ever stepped outdoors without any sun protection? You'd be surprised a lot of people are guilty of this. While we all dread the signs of aging, most of us don't make an effort to be kind to our skin.

Some might say they actually protect their skin by using sunblock. But probably the important question to ask is, are you doing enough and are you doing it right?

Have you ever gone out of the house without an SPF of at least 30? Do you apply sun protection only on your face and neglect the other exposed parts of your body? Do you forget to reapply sunscreen every two hours? Do you apply less than a pea- sized amount of sunblock on your face?

If you answered YES to these, then you are committing serious violations against your skin.
Better be on the lookout then because The Kojie•san Sunblock Sun Patrol is watching to see if you commit more skin care violations and they could make a Citizen’s Arrest! Before they get to you though, you've got to make sure you know a couple of things.

A variety of factors can cause damage to your skin but the biggest culprit is sun exposure! The sun’s ultraviolet rays break down collagen and elastin, making the skin rough and uneven. These rays also affect the melanocytes, which have something to do with the skin’s pigmentation.
What’s worse is that when your skin ages prematurely due to unprotected sun exposure—you can get wrinkles, brown spots and even skin cancer!

What can you do to prevent this? Stay out of the sun during the middle of the day when the sun’s rays are strongest, wear protective clothing such as hats and umbrellas and use a broad-spectrum sunscreen, which protect against both UVA and UVB rays, with a sun protection factor of 30 or higher. And yes, before the Kojie•san Sun Patrol makes another Citizen’s Arrest—don’t forget to reapply every two hours for maximum protection.

Kojie•san Sunblock is the only sun care brand in the Philippines with Sunactyl, which helps relieve and repair skin from sun damages caused by sun exposure.
Sunactyl protects the skin against UVA and UVB damage through the glutathione system. It also fights UV-stress and heat-stress.

The products include Kojie•san Sunblock SPF 69 PA+++; Kojie•san Sunblock Face SPF 50 PA+++; Kojie•san Sunscreen SPF 55 PA+++ with Lightening; Kojie•san Sunblock Sport SPF 50 PA+++; Kojie•san Before Sunspray SPF 50; Kojie•san After Sunspray and Kojie•san Kids SPF 30 and SPF 50.

All Kojie•san Sunblock products have broad-spectrum protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays to prevent sunburn and premature skin aging

So don’t be afraid to go out in the sun and enjoy the beach and indulge in other outdoor activities. But make sure to slather on your Kojie•san Sunblock because the Kojie•san Sun Patrol is ready to make a Citizen’s Arrest anytime you commit a skin crime. If you want to know more about this, go to the @kojiesansunblockph Facebook page.