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About Me

Hi everyone! I'm Mari. Since my name's spelling is kinda weird (it's Marilene, not Marilyn!), people often misspell it and mispronounce it, which is why I stuck to introducing myself as Mari. I'm on the verge of killing people who call me Marie because I already introduce myself as Mari to prevent people from misspelling my full name hahaha. I think it's apparent that I'm a beauty blogger and part time makeup artist given all that you've seen in this blog...

In general I'm a very artistic person, I virtually do stuff from all fields of art except for the visual side (I don't draw nor paint). Aside from my makeup stuff, I do clay art, bead art, am into singing, and even for a very short time, I became a cosplayer. But bottomline is that among all the artsy stuff I do, makeup is my favorite art.

I have been a beauty junkie since 2008, being a fan of Japanese and Korean styles of makeup. To take things up a notch, and to learn the Western way of doing makeup as well, I attended makeup school in 2013 at Makeup Design Academy.

Personality wise, I am very quirky, very bubbly and my friends call me crazy. I am an extremely extroverted person, and everyone who knows me knows how distinctly disturbing my laugh is.