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Rules That Apply To All My Giveaways: 
1.) Giveaway instructions will not be bent in order to be fair to all. If it's Instagram, it's Instagram. Doing your own thing on Facebook for an Instagram giveaway will not count as entries. This is to be fair to all those who are following instructions and those who even go out of the way to make accounts or download apps when the need arises. 
2.) No complaining allowed. If one is not happy about the giveaway's rules or winners and complains on social media or any other online platform, complainants will immediately be permanently banned from all my giveaways. Complaints include (but are not limited to) passive aggressive comments on why didn't one win, complaints on the rules or the selection of winners, whining, requests/suggestions on changes of rules for future giveaways, reacting "sad" or "angry" to giveaway announcements, and privately sent accusations over the winners (if one really has a strong case against the winner, bring it up publicly), etc. 
3.) No ingrates allowed. Any sign of ungratefulness online over giveaway winnings will render one permanently banned from all my giveaways. Ungratefulness can be (but is not limited to) sad comments over not winning a giveaway when one had just won another giveaway, complaints that one didn't get the prize one was hoping for, requests for exchange of winnings with another winner or another giveaway, etc.
4.) No rushing allowed. All giveaway prizes are sent as soon as circumstances make it possible. Winners are also immediately informed when prizes are on their way. The prizes are free, the shipping is free, so please learn to wait. Incessantly spamming/ questioning over one's winnings will render one's winnings void, and one will be permanently banned from all my giveaways. 
5.) Be a good sport. Not winning in a giveaway doesn't mean there is an injustice in the world, it's just not one's time yet. Please be mature enough to handle defeat gracefully. 

Current Giveaways: 

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Past Giveaways: