Hey guys, so this is week 2 of my make up transformations at school. We did romantic bridal, dramatic bridal, men's and mature women's make up looks in the week. Had it not been for a mishap brought about by SMDC suffering a boom crane accident (thereby making the school lose power), we could have done more looks within the week. So I have the before and after photos after the jump. 

This is my Romantic Bridal at school. The lighting must be bad or the picture taking part, but in real life the eyeshadow is much lighter and Rebecca (my model) looks more bridal.  In the photo you can notice on the right side of the after photo that her under eye area seems to be puffier, and the cheeks seem to be off, but that's not because of my forgetfulness or whatnot. Ma'am Camille removed the makeup from one eye and then demonstrated the look again to me. 

This is how my model's eyes look right after Ma'am Camille did her left eye and my work remained on her right eye. Ma'am wanted a more subtle look, and by romantic she wanted the pinks to be very baby pink, almost unrecognizable shades of pink. I initially did a more dramatic look with more plums, and used tan hues to create her eye crease, but that didn't seem to sit well with ma'am. 

This is how her eyes looked like when open. Hmmm, come to think of it, I think my look was okay in a way (ha ha), it probably just wasn't what ma'am wanted. I mean come on, the make up still isn't that heavy to be called a smoky eye. her idea is good, but sometimes it's just hard to be able to exercise creativity when you're expected to copy a certain look each time... 

And this is my homework with my neighbor Momo. She's easy to put make up on because she's mestiza, matches my BB creams, and her deep set eyes are already naturally expressive that I don't actually need to do anything significant to get the job done. How I wish that all the people I'll do make up on are mestizas hahahaha. 

And that's how her eyes looked like when closed. I have yet to learn how to blend eye make up further as I'm not yet that good in it. Sometimes I think I've already done enough but when the photos are taken, it seems that the work still lacks effort.     

    The other thing is that I should probably go to another school just to learn blending techniques as the do's and dont's were barely presented in school. Not related to Momo, I was doing bridal makeup for my homework and when my mom, a Ricky Reyes Learning Institute graduate observed, she noted that my brush strokes were wrongly executed and she was shocked that these problems had not been addressed while I was in school. 

And now this is the dramatic bridal make up. My teacher demonstrated Egyptian eye make up using emerald colors, and I obviously didn't want to make my model look like an Egyptian, so I used Fanny Serrano Cosmetics' Fire Palette which has reddish and dark brown eyeshadows so that I  can achieve a still-natural looking dramatic bridal look.

This is how her eyes looked like when closed. The false eyelashes seem off already as we only erased the eye make up from the romantic bridal look and no longer retouched the false eyelashes (that have been laced with make up remover and lots of friction). Gosh it's just so hard to get the eye make up even when you're not allowed to change sides even once. Like when I'm on my model's right, I cannot go to her left lest I will be scolded. 

And now this is my mature look. I was displeased with how my classmates treated their models. They were quite bossy with them, and it was obvious that most of them felt some sort of disgust to be working on the mature models. I think I was the only student in class who called my model tita and nicely asked her to close eyes or tilt head. That's what happens when rich people do make up on obviously poor people (no I'm not being judgmental, we know that the models were scouted from the squatters area near the school). 

 Well, mature, in the school's definition, is greater than 35 years old. OKAYYYY, by this definition I think they find my mom as old as Gandalf already.  Pasensya na, di kasi nag La La Mer nanay ko dahil may mga mas mahahalagang bagay sa buhay para sa kanya. HMP. 

So, here goes. Her eyelids still aren't that saggy, which is good. It's not easy to do make up on eyelids that are already too sagged; at least I just have to deal with a little loose skin and that's it. I don't like her lipstick color-- I had chosen a more mellow maroon-brown color at first. I was just told to change the lipstick because it looked dull... So now the lipstick is brighter but looks MEH. 

And this is my homework model, my beloved neighbor Teacher Annielu. Teacher Ann had been my go to teacher all throughout my high school years and has been a beloved friend of our family. We love how she likes Chinese food and is easy to please. And so this is her photo. 

These are her eyelids when closed. When her eyes are open it's as if there's no make up, but well, lemme tell you, there's make up there. Kay? And by the way, teacher Ann is the newest endorser of Fanny Serrano lip gloss, WALANG KOKONTRA. 

And this is her glam shot. Ayiieee, glam shoottt.. 

Lots of people must love her because when I put the photo up on Facebook, it reached over 40 likes in 2 days, with all the likes coming from her friends. I know it's not the make up itself, but the fascination that even seldomly, Teacher Ann had a full doll up package. She usually just pays attention to applying eyeliner and eyebrow powder, but today I put full make up on. I put on foundation, powder, at least 8 shades of eyeshadow, contours, blush, eyebrow powder, eyeliner, 2 shades of lipstick and a top coat lip gloss and 10000000000000 other products. Whew that was a handful to type ho ho ho. 

So now I talk about the funny part: the men's make up. My mother did a great amount of nagging and convincing before my brother agreed to be my school model. I did his make up with no idea at all on why men still need to be 'pretty' through make up because men are usually fine already. But well, following orders again, this is what happened to my brother. 

So well, yeah, nothing happened. He just looked more flawless and that's it. The fake mustache photo is the funny photo, and we will probably laugh at this for years and years and years (and years X 10 raised to infinity infinities). 

And now this is my homework model, Jake. It happened to be an opportune time that I needed a model and he needed a photo to enter in Cosplay Network Philippines' ambassador search which required participants to send in a photo of them dolled up and not dolled up. The usual make up requires that the foundation make up be more tan than the male, but since I thought that the CNPH contest would be looking for more feminized, K-pop looking faces, I used foundation that matched his skin. I also applied eyeliner under his eyes to get that K-pop look. Overall, he looks feminized, but I hope that he looks K-pop enough to get good attention for the contest. And this is his pretty photo. 

I'm hoping for the best for him!

Best of luck to all of you!

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