It's a nightmare for anyone who owns make up, but one time or another, it is bound to inevitably happen. 

Yes, anyone can suffer from a broken eyeshadow palette. No matter how expensive the eyeshadow is, a bad fall can make it break; the same goes for pressed powders. It's definitely frustrating especially if the palette is new or beloved or both. So today, I'll be showing you how to salvage broken eyeshadows back into functionality. 

So this is my broken Ellefar eyeshadow palette. I think I got this from the Saizen store in TriNoma for about 90 pesos. I forgot the exact price, but it was dirt cheap. It's got nice colors but since it doesn't seem to be pressed enough, just the bumps it suffered inside my makeup drawer already caused this... 

So this is how to do it. You'll need rubbing alcohol, as a means of turning the eyeshadow powder into a fine paste. Of course it is much more hygienic than water as it is an antiseptic, but more importantly, it's so volatile that it will dry out before you even know it and your eyeshadow can go back into what it once was. 

And you need an evening out tool. I used an artist's spatula for painting, but you can use a small kitchen knife or a jam spreader or whatever tool you fancy. 

So what i first did was to transfer the white pigments which have obviously migrated to far flung places. This is how it looks like when all the white pigments are there.

And now this is how it looks like after I've poured a generous amount of rubbing alcohol. Just add an amount until everything seems to look wet. Don't add too much either as it will just flood ha ha ha.

And now this is the tricky part: Use the spatula to even out the paste into a presentable state. It takes patience to even out the edges and get a smooth finish. 

For the other colors that have too little powder remaining, you can also add alcohol. 

But this time you can use your clean fingers to press it. Be sure to wash hands first hee hee hee. 

This is how the palette looks like after. It may not be the original state, but at least it's usable again. 

For broken pressed powders, the best solution for people who do not have loose powder allergies is to place it into a loose powder container like this. We got this from Nichido a few years back, it was probably less than 80 pesos. 

And the trick is to just carefully scrape the powder and place it into the container. This is my mom's broken Guerlain face powder. 

Don't forget to scrape off the leftover powder from the powder puff!

This is the new home of the powder. It's a better way to store the powder rather than keeping it in the pressed powder bin only to lose precious product during each use. 

This is the now empty Guerlain pressed powder pot. We can probably turn this into a magnetic palette now, I guess? Hahahahah. 

And now this is the finished product. Ta da! The good thing about this is that you can keep on adding other broken powders (as long as they still smell okay and seem to not be expired) into one giant melting pot like this so that you can conveniently collect them all in one place! 

I personally don't advise this for eyeshadows because eyeshadow colors vary too much that adding them together might make an ugly color in the end. Adding powders together isn't such a big problem as the colors are most likely similar (not unless you are a chameleon). But if you have the patience to prepare separate pots for different color schemes, then why not? 

Good luck in salvaging your broken make up! Hope this helps!