This is a photo of me goofing off with one of my best pals, Pat. We haven't met in ages! I so totally miss this girl! She went with me to makeup school as my model for the day, and actually, I was talking and chatting with her more than doing the actual makeup. Meheheheheh. Anyways, here are some of the photos from my bonding with Pat.

This is my before and after photo for the romantic bridal look I did on her. The look is meant to be natural and barely there. Of course, it looks different than the "usual" face because the lights are super bright, like soooooooo bright (Imagine 5 girls each having a station of 8 bright white light bulbs).

These are her eyes when closed. I have yet to learn how to blend with faux crease line, like ASAP. I was used to doing the gradient kind of makeup (dark near lashline, light near eyebrow) from many years of being a monolid, and it's only very recently that I'm learning how to make crease lines on mestiza girls.  And long after I developed my own eyelid crease I stull stuck to the gradient technique as it was what I had gotten used to in my monolid and taping days. 

Yaaaay we're so happy together. Gosh we had lots of hours of talking, chatting, and giggling! Really missed this girl! 

And this is the before and after photo for a dramatic bridal look. According to my teacher (a new and better one), this is a look often requested by Indian and Arabian brides. Some Indian brides even request for black eyeshadow and have their own make up almost as dark as carbon, I think! 

I know it's not visible in photos, but Pat's eyes are really beautiful. They're deep set, big, and charming. It's so easy to make her eye make up beautiful because she already has beautiful eyes. 

Although I'm so tempted to get rid of her China chop bangs. I'm looking forward to seeing her in a bob or pixie cut. Meheheheheh. 

Imma blog about more adventures soon...

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