Don't mind me and the dirty sides of my new manicure! I just usually let nature take its course... The polish on the skin will also fall off after sweat and oils get to it so I don't really clean the sides of my nails after a manicure unless I am rushing to an event or party. 

I used my M79 plate to stamp in a cloud design all over my nails. Isn't it adorable? 

Rather, isn't my new The Face Shop nail polish so adorable? I just love the color! And I love the quality of the polish! It doesn't smell so pungent, dries fast, and dries strong! it's barely scratchable once dried...  Plus it's already a good item for 95! I mean OPI goes for 400+ and China Glaze also sells at similar prices... For something near the quality of OPI and China Glaze this is already super good stuff <3

And these are just other photos of my nails. Feel free to revel in my carelessness in nail cleanup. Hahahahahaha.

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