I don't think that this has launched here in the Philippines yet, but I strongly believe that Garnier should also bring in the whole Sakura White line! This line has already been released in China long ago (I bought this April 2013, but it's only now I'm blogging about it) and recently to Singapore and other Asian countries as well. Tayo na lang ang kulang! 

So to start off, the Sakura White line includes this facial cleanser, a facial essence and a cream, as is usual with Garnier's other product lines. I still had essence at the time I bought this so I only bought the facial cleanser. 

This facial cleanser is just so good that upon trying it in our hotel room in China, I was so impressed that I went back to the store next day to buy another one! 

So what makes this facial wash that great? 
To start off, it's pink! The product is colored pink! Ha ha ha. But that aside, I like the scent-- it's just a light, natural cherry blossom scent. It smells nothing like all the other synthetic cherry blossom products that I've been smelling as of late. I think the scent can be better described as a milder version of The Body Shop's cherry blossom line.

I also like that it's a suds forming wash-- even though it's called a foam cleanser, I wouldn't say that it's foamy because it suds up only to a mild lather, not the Pond's facial wash kind of lather. In general I have never felt comfortable with cream cleansers because I really like the feeling of using something similar to soap on my face. I dunno, maybe it's a psychological thing but my face doesn't feel clean enough if the wash didn'tform bubbles... 

And at least it's a gentle kind of clean, not the 'oh my gosh is my skin still there' kind of clean. 

To add, 175 pesos for a tube that's good for four months is already a good deal!  


Profile Summary
Product Name: 
Garnier Sakura White Pinkish Radiance Gentle Cleansing Foam

Product Description: 
Enriched with Sakura Extract, it deeply and gently cleanses the skin to reveal fresh and pinkish radiant complexion. The formula is gentle and suitable even for sensitive skin. Directions : Gently massage on wet face. Rinse with water. Avoid the eye area.

Product Specifications: 
Type: "Foaming" Facial Wash
Scent: Smells like Japan in Spring (good rendition of cherry blossom scent)
Net Weight: 100 mL (I think it weighs 100 something grams) 
Number of Variants: 1 for this line
SPF?: None
Country of Origin/ Production: Made in Jiangsu Province, China (but if they are to bring it in the Philippines I'm not sure if it will also be made in China)
Available At: (coming soon!) 
Price: 175 (but i think that they might reprice it between 100-120 for the Philippine market)

-smells great
-provides a gentle clean
-suds just right, not too bleh and not too foamy
-good value for money as only a small amount needs to be used per washing

-will not be suitable for oily skin as it is not so good in stripping oil and dirt off the face


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