Hi everyone! It's been quite some time since I've been actively puttinh up stuff here. Been really busy lately with finishing my final requirements in my makeup school and because we went to Hong Kong.

This was my dinner last night.

What I like best about Hong Kong, in terms of food, is that you can buy semi-fresh semi-instant stuff at the stores. It's very different from the Philippines where foods are either fully instant and dried or fully fresh.

I just love that their Ajisen Ramen sells semi-instant noodles in grocery stores. It comes with wet egg noodles (for lack of a term to describe what isn't dry instant noodles) and packets of sauce. I think Ajisen Ramen here also sells this kind of product, but maybe in their stores alone-- it's not a grocery staple.

I got this pack here for 17.9 HKD (Php 98.45) which I think is already a good deal because it comes with two servings of noodles and the soup tastes exactly like what you would have in the restaurant. I'm not really that obsessed with the char siu slices so a meatless dinner is fine with me.

I also love how their people are milk tea drinkers (the powdered one) that there are big boxes like this one with 20 sachets in it. For 36.9 HKD (Php 202.95) a cup of milk tea boils down to 10 pesos each. If you're not craving for pearls, this is a yummy (and cost-friendly) alternative you can have at home. I know Lipton also sells powdered milk tea here, but if I remember correctly the boxes contain small amounts and each sachet costs something like 15-16 pesos a piece.  

For dessert, I had Chinese mochi with sesame filling in sweet ginger soup. I got the Chinese mochi from the frozen section at Elements in Hong Kong. It's 10HKD for 8 pieces, meaning that each little one costs 7 pesos. 

People always assume that everything in Hong Kong is expensive, but I beg to differ. If you look well wnough, you can find virtually any item in the Philippines at a lower price. This also applies to makeup, accessories, and clothing. More often than not, it's the plane ride that's costly and not the stores' items that empty pockets.