Yeap! I went to see the queen bee of kawaii fashion herself, no other than the very Tricia Gosingtian! This was I think her 3rd installment of her book signing series, and this was held in National bookstore TriNoma.  

But this time, I was already very traumatized from the time I went to Ramon Bautista's signing. The time I went to his signing, the advertised time was 2PM. I got there 2:30 PM and got out of the venue at about 6:00 PM. I stood in line for three hours, and by the time it was already my turn, photo ops were no longer allowed and Ramon just wrote generic messages and it was no longer personalized. So depressing. 

My extreme trauma meant that despite the advertised time of 2PM, I went there 1PM to make sure that I was going to be able to interact with Tricia properly. And I brought a mini folding chair with me in my bag to make sure that I need not stand up for a long time. Thankfully, with the chair that I brought, I barely had to wait whilst standing. Moreover, at Ramon's event I was customer 500-something, and in this one, at least I was customer 9. 

Whilst waiting they were showing on a projector screen some scans of Tricia's book, ads for Casio watches and a makeup tutorial video that she made in cooperation with CanMake cosmetics

And they even have a giant standee of her book cover! If you visit her blog you'd see her in a whole body shot of this dress. I really think that the dress is uber cute! 

And this is my copy of the book. To ensure that misspellings will not occur, they already gave every guest a post-it for writing their names. I also got a CanMake raffle stub but I didn't win anything. Huhu too bad. 

And this is me taking a selfie while waiting in line. What I like about this event is that they're very efficient in making people move so that everyone gets to sit down. They make sure that when there is a group already having their books signed, the next group of people who are still standing can already sit down. Very organized indeed. 

If I am not mistaken, this is Erin. She was the master of ceremonies for the days events. 

And this is their event photographer busy in action... 

And this lady in dark blue is Mrs. G. Very supportive momma! 

I am so jealous of how slim Tricia is in real life!!! She does look slim in her photos, but in real life she's even slimmer! I wish I were as slim as she is!

I also love, love, love her hair! This reddish-bronze-brown color suits her well, and I now want this color for my hair. I've already asked momma to dye my hair this way. Definitely this looks cuter than when her hair was leaning towards the blondie side. 

First she gave out a speech on thanking the guests and all. She talked about how she had started this project since March but just didn't tell anyone, and all the struggles and difficulties that she had faced while doing this book. She also thanked all those who have loyally followed her blog from the beginning and all those who came to the event and bought a book. 

She then answered questions from the audience. What amused me the most was when someone asked if her style was still 'sophisticute.' She responded that her style has matured a lot since she started her blog aged 18 (she is now 25), and that a lot of changes have been done to how she dresses. But the central theme is that she is still always attracted to all things kawaii. And actually even if you look at her current outfits some of them are matured and some of them still resonate the kawaii element a lot. 

Here she is with her golden pen signing on people's books. I love how patient she is to chit-chat with the guests, to spell the names of the people correctly and to write messages that aren't just generic choo choo. Moreover, I love that she patiently takes selfies and photos with each and every guest. No guest will leave the venue complaining that they were denied the time of Tricia or that they were treated poorly. 

This is our selfie together! And actually I am not just randomly blabbing that she's patient, I can really testify to it. I initially let the event marshalls take my photos, but the photos ended up blurry and I looked so fat in them. I mean I know I'm chubby and all, but the photos they took were just waaaay too unflattering and horrible for me to be able to upload anywhere. So I went in line again just to take this selfie, and she was still very patient to do this selfie with me even if it was already my second time in line! Now that's true patience. 

I can definitely say that she is as sweet as she looks. She's really nice and accommodating, and even though she is the 'it girl' of blogging she still keeps a low profile. She had no bodyguards or PA's whatsoever, and just came with her mom and a friend (I think). 

I also appreciated how you can feel that she is happy when others are inspired to blog because of her. Usually you would expect the queen bee to be jealous or wary of newcomers, but for Tricia, that is not the case. Newcomers feel somewhat like an accomplishment to her (maybe) because it somehow means that she was that great as a blogger that others are now inspired to follow suit. 

And this is me posing with my Baby G watch near the poster! I did this because Time Depot had a promo that everyone who makes an instagram photo with their Casio watch  Too bad I didn't win the watch though. 

And yes! Another cute thing that Tricia did was to actually take photos of the guests themselves! In book signings, of course, we expect as guests that we are the ones taking photos of the author. But in this case, she is also taking photos of the guests! When I saw photos of guests on her blog, I thought that the shots were taken by the event photographer, so I was surprised to find out that she was the one who actually took them. 

This is Tricia G with Miss Kat Del Rosario, graphic artist of CanMake Philippines. 

And this is a photo of her with Miss Anj Kwon, brand assistant of CanMake Philippines. 

As for those who are curious on what the book contains, here are some scans just to give you an idea on how the book's format is. The book itself is only 295 pesos and is already jam-packed with fashion advice and information, better buy it than pirate it. 

Her book has 4 sections: fashion, beauty, kawaii and blogging. Under each section she shares photos and descriptions of the photos... 

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