I know it's not a famous brand here in the Philippines, but Lunasol is actually doing kinda well in Japan. They have all sorts of eyeshadow quads (yes, they have made tons of spinoffs for just an eyeshadow quad from monochromatic sets to complementary sets to the random color set hahaha), blush sets, and basically a whole makeup line. 

Lunasol is a daughter brand of Kanebo, which I think should be more familiar now to my Philippine readers. Its sister brand is Coffret D'or, another successful makeup brand in Japan. 

I'm going to talk more about their eyeshadow quad. This one I got is in the shade called Pink Gradation under their Blooming Eyes eyeshadow quad line. 

First off, these are the instructions that the website provided for using this set. 

And for those who want to see a brand new palette, this is their website's photo... 

So it comes with four (obviously, ha ha) shades, namely (clockwise): a glittery and shimmery pearl white shimmer shade, a shimmery baby pink shade, a darker pink hologram shade and a reddish-bronzy brown shimmer shade. 

The pearl white color is so useful that I've already reached the tin even if the same still isn't true for the other shades. In general, this eyeshadow set has pigmented colors, and it's just as buttery as Urban Decay eyeshadows. The only difference is that compared to Western brands, Japanese brands tend to sell lots of shimmer and pearly shades, and more often than not you will find an eyeshadow quad with four shimmery and glittery shades--- no matte at all. 

So this is the swatch of the eyeshadow shades on my arm. 


Profile Summary
Product Name: 
Lunasol Layer Bloom Eyes Eyeshadow Quad (01- Pink Gradation)

Product Description: 

A four-color eye shadow set to recreate the translucent gradations of a bud opening to a beautiful flower. ´Shining Highlight,´a highlight color in a new formulation, provides moist luster and sparkles. This eye shadow creates eyes with a mood of dignified inner strength and airy softness.

Product Specifications: 
Type: Shimmery Eyeshadow Quad
Scent: None
Net Weight: The whole thing weighs 54 g according to my weighing, but the shadows themselves according to the box weigh only 6.7 grams. 
Number of Variants: 1 for this quad line, but for eyeshadow quads in general, they have at least 20 kinds
SPF?: None
Country of Origin/ Production: Japan
Available At: http://lunasol-net.com/en/product/details/pointmake/p0101006.html and maybe in the sosy stores... this was only a gift so I never knew how it got to the Philippines. 
Price: 5000JPY (about 2300 pesos) 

-blends really easily
-cute pink shades
-comes with foam applicators that are of high quality, and even has a brush applicator
-buttery texture, great to work with

-extremely high price for an eyeshadow quad-- if I were to be the one holding 2300 pesos on hand, I'd rather buy a NAKED palette instead (buy in the US, not here where they sell it for the price of a new cellphone) 
-the two pink colors are barely recognizable from each other once applied to the eyelid, probably only graphic artists and people who will take a shade swatch of the two colors will know that they're actually different


What do you think of this product? Is it overpriced in your opinion? Please do tell me in the comments box!

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