I know that my Taiwan trip posts  have already flooded this blog, but it's still not over yet! I got quite a lot of make up from this trip, and he eyeshadows are numerous enough for me to make a post about it! Anyways, here goes <3 
First on the list is CanMake's Eye Nuance in shade 24. I bought this because I thought that aside from CanMake's good quality, this product specifically is super small that it's great for travel and that it has three most commonly used colors in eye make up. It's got a shimmery finish to it.

I also got Integrate's limited edition shade for their Sweet Tricks Eyeshadow! As far as I know I think they already phased this product out... 

This item is Majolica Majorca's Jeweling Eyes in BR792. I know I already have a lot of neutrals to choose from my NAKED palettes, but they're big in size and do not have the same kind of glitter texture as Japanese eyeshadows do. Japanese eyeshadows usually are packed with glitter but the glitter particles are between the size of Western brands' shimmer particles and glitter particles... 

I got the same product in BL781 just because I liked the colors and it swatched well on me in the store...

Another palette I got is Integrate's Pure Big Eyes palette in VI221. I basically got this because I am soooo in love with purple. Purple is just my favorite color, and among the sea of usually disappointing purple eyeshadows, the store's testers swatched well and was saturated enough for my needs. Given that Integrate is also a daughter brand of Shiseido (aside from Majolica Majorca), the pigmentation is very good. 

This is another CanMake item that I got, which is Jewel Star Eyes in shade 10. This is what the Philippines' CanMake staff have been explaining to me as the holy grail product of the brand. Basically it's a cream based glittery eyeshadow, but dries once applied that it will not smudge and spread glitter on other parts of your face. I have yet to test how long this will last before creasing on the eyelids, but my primary purpose for this is to apply this on the inner corners of the eye. 

Last eyeshadow palette I got is Dolly Wink's eyeshadow palette in number 04 (which is the green-pink set). Aside from purple, turquoise is also my super kaduper favorite color. I have swam through a sea of ugly turquoise shades and funky looking shimmer shades to know that this is a keeper. The formula is really pigmented, and the color is far from tacky. 

And that ends my haul post! I will be back with my other hauls from Taiwan so stay tuned! 

Which eyeshadow do you think is the most promising among my purchases? Please do tell me in the comments box! 

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