It's been a long time since I last encountered a mascara this volumizing! Today I am going to talk about CanMake's Gokubuto Mascara.

Basically this is one of their flagship products if eyelashes are concerned. They promise to give an extreme volume and curl boost and a finish that's waterproof and only removable by oil. Another selling point that they are promoting is that the wand's shape will help for maximum volume.

As the price tag implies, I got this for 76 HKD (Php 418) from SaSa in Hong Kong. As with most of CanMake's products, it's made in Japan. If you still do not have a mascara guard and want to have one, you will like this product as the inner portion of the box can be torn off and used as a mascara guard. Not that you can randomly tear any box and get a mascara guard, but rather inside the box the material is already perforated in the shape of the guard, and by tugging on it you can a mascara guard shaped piece of acetate. 

And this is the wand that they are promoting. It's technically gourd shaped or hourglass shaped if you ask me, and somewhat reminds me of Fairy Drops' bumpy wand in a distant way... 

And now I will show what it does... So this is my eye with just eyeshadow and eyeliner, and hee hee I also have eyebrow powder from CanMake on as well. 

And before I apply mascara I curl my eyelashes first. The company does have this sort of claim that this mascara will eliminate the need for eyelash curler as it is curling, but given how disobedient my eyelashes are, curling is inevitable. 

 Just to not give false hopes, these are my lashes after curling but still without mascara.

And this is me while applying the mascara. Texture wise, it feels really really wet, and because of this it coats on the lashes really quickly. It's not clumpy, and generally has a smooth consistency so applying is not a problem. 

These are my lashes after application. You can notice that compared to when I had just curled it, the curl has now diminished. Volume indeed increased but this also meand unsightly clumps... The problem with this mascara is that it kills off curls, even when it claims to be curl boosting. I mean all mascaras kill off curl to some extent except for this one mascara I had (which I will talk about soon enough), but this is one of the most curl killing ones I own. It may go on really quickly, but due to the extremely wet consistency more often than not giant dallops of it would cling onto my eyelashes and even if I used the wand or a comb, the clumps cannot be fixed.

But still, volume enhancement is impeccable.  

The other problem I have with this product is that it's not waterproof as it claims. It only will not smudge, but the mascara kind of clings onto your real lashes like ballpen covers, and once wet these tiny ballpen cover shaped chunks of mascara slide off the eyelashes. When I take a bath with this mascara, after the bath, even without directly wetting my face, the tubes would be all over my eye area. Clean up is a breeze as I only need to wet my face further to get the thing off, and I think that this is somehow a good aspect for hygiene because no residue gets left behind. And the next day I have no panda/raccoon eyes from excess melted mascara spreading on my eye area. 

This also means that smudges are not to be worried about as the smudges can easily be peeled off once dry, or you can simply wet a cotton swab with water and try to get the residue off your eye area...

And I do think that this is helpful for those who wear mascara everyday and want something that need not use oil or harsh tugging and pulling to remove as it can be removed by water. I know how hard it can be to remove mascara, and how wasteful on prodict it can be just to get mascara off, because oftentimes it's mascara removal that consumes the most makeup removal products. This will also help those who work in an office or those who are busy but never really have a reason to sweat excessively as they can easily take this off before going to bed. 

 However, for someone like me who sweats a lot and always looks for extreme waterproofing in a mascara, this item has lost to many other mascaras in my collection. This is most definitely last on my list of recommendations for those who want to swim or go to the beach with makeup on. 

As for value for money, this is not the item I will call my holy grail item as it fails in the two things I look for the most in mascara (which are curl maintenance and waterproofing). But I highly think that the volume boost is good and that people who are sooo busy and soo lazy to remove makeup at night will benefit from how easy clean up is with this mascara. And that clumsier users of mascara will benefit from how easy it is to remove smudges and messes made with this product. The pros and cons will just have to be weighed by the individual in question.

What are the things that you look for in a mascara? Please do tell me in the comments box!

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