Before and Happily Ever After!!! Can you spot your favorite makeup item? 

I reorganized my makeup drawers! Woo hoo! 
This is because 
1.) My makeup collection has been increasing in the past days given that I have been investing in more stuff that I have to make space for new items...
2.) The makeup storage system I used to have is now inefficient given that I now have to have more specialized or more branched out organization systems.

This first drawer is my eyeshadow-blush-eyebrow powder drawer. 

I used to have small containers for all sorts of stuff, and I think that this made the storage inefficient as there were a lot of 'micro spaces' left out by these small containers. Moreover, back then my makeup collection did not have proper sections for eyeshadow quads and small items and for the larger palettes.

Another issue is dirt-- I really had to clean up already because dust accumulates so quickly in the Philippines. Just look at that filthy cotton ball after I wiped the drawer (yes, singular pa) with it!

Before the cleanup I had three small trays inside the drawer. Now, after the clean up, there's only one remaining for my medium sized blushes. 

This tray I got from Carrefour in Taiwan is the bomb! It's the perfect size for my drawer, and has partitions so I can section my makeup out. Moreover, I used to put my quads in a large space, and when I get one the rest topple and I'd have to reorganize later. The partitions have helped that when I pull a quad out, the next one in line no longer falls flat as much as before, and that per row I only have a few shadows to think about. 

Here in this tray you I organized it such that all my miniature Japanese eyeshadow sets are in the leftmost column (my Integrate, Majolica Majorca and Dolly Wink eyeshadows). The slightly larger quads are in the second column, as is with my Lunasol eyeshadow quad (the copper colored one) and my Etude House quad (the pink with grey one). In the same column I put in my YSL quad, and my MAC shimmer powder (the jar behind the gold palette).

The third column is mainly devoted to my small eyebrow powder sets, the black oval one being my Dolly Wink eyebrow powder and the one behind it my CanMake eyebrow powder. The special guests are my VOV cream eyeshadow duo (the one with the white flower on the lid) and my MUFE shimmer powder (which i think is obvious due to the strong orange color). The last row is for my baby CanMake eyeshadows (the one with studs is my Gradation Wink Eyeshadow, the round one behind it my Eye Nuance and the one behind it my Jewel Star Eyeshadow). I also have there my Etude House teardrop powder as well as other tiny eye makeup items, namely my Etude House eyeshadow, Sephora brightener, Sue Devitt roll on shimmer and Benefit Watt's Up highlighter. 
 At least now, my larger palettes need not be in a hot mess with all my small eyeshadows. I bought a MUJI tray (MUJI and no less hahaha) for my precious Urban Decay palettes. I currently have here the NAKED 1, NAKED 3 and Deluxe Shadow Palette from Urban Decay. The guests include my NYX glitter cream palette, Physician's formula eyeshadow quad and eye brightener (the gray ones), Avon eyeshadow quad (the rounded one) and Fanny Serrano eyeshadow quad (rectangle one). These are my quads that are big and bulky enough to be able to stand alone and not move too much when I get the bigger ones out that's why they're there.

Up close is the last remaining small container in this drawer. It houses my small to medium size blushes. I have there two Majolica Majorca Puff de Cheek blushes, a Max Factor powder blush, and CanMake blushes (one is cream and the other powder) together with my VS baked blush. In sight as well is my Too Faced eyebrow kit.

My larger / bulkier blushes are now in the side. I have my Etude House All Over Color blush, Paul and Joe powder blush and The Face Shop matryoshka doll blush. 

And now this is the before and after of my eyelash drawer! 

Contrary to the previous drawer, my mistake with this one was that the falsies were placed in a box too big and bulky that no other container could fit into the drawer. The box was also not spacious enough to accommodate my larger boxes of falsies, so it just had to go. Moreover, see my Urban Decay Book of Shadows IV? It's so huge (as big as an iPad) that I had to make room for it and update my storage methods.  

I now placed my eyelashes with medium sized boxes together in one container, and saved a portion for the book of shadows. The large boxes all went together into one big tray together with the small boxed ones. 

In the side of the left photo you'd see my Deluxe Shadow Palette because initially I thought of putting it there but later realized that the tray would go better with the items in the previous drawer. Visible here as well are my CanMake falsies which I got from Taiwan, my Saizen top and bottom lashes, and some other stuff. 

On the right you can also see my eyebrow concealing wax and a small tube of eyelash glue I have yet to try. I bought the wax when I was still in makeup school. 

And this is the before and after of my last (currently the last, but I think i'd need more space in the future though) makeup drawer! This is my face and base makeup drawer where I have primers, foundations, powders and setting sprays. In here are my Geolica lenses as well.

I bought new powders and BB creams recently that I needed to make room! See my banana powder?
And I now have enough primers to actually make a distinct section for it. I used to put my primers and concealers together in one small box, but now I have this small box just for the primers. I have here Maybelline babyskin, UDPP, MUFE All Mat, CanMake WP Eyeshadow Base, VS makeup primer and Shu Uemura Deep Sea Water.  

My current concealers are now here in another box. I have this uber expensive but utterly useless Sana concealer (sana iba na lang ang binili ko), Paul and Joe under eye concealer and Etude House Surprise Essence Concealer. 

The foundation box used to be relatively empty, but now it's full. I have my Maybelline foundation, BB creams from Etude House and CanMake and Skin79, Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer and more Etude house BB cream put inside the small MUFE tube. I finished the real foundation years ago. 

So that concludes my makeup reorganization post. How do you guys organize your makeup? Please do tell me in the comments box! 

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