Hooray for my first ever liquid eyeliner purchase!!! Woo hoo! Yes this is the first because my usual choices for eyeliner are eye pencils and gel eyeliners. I have no particular preference towards gel or pencil, it just happened that I paid less attention to the liquid eyeliners. So anyways, today I am going to talk about CanMake's strong eyes liner!

This is one of their flagship eye makeup products as it's like a spring loaded eyeliner with a firm tip. I am just not sure if they called it strong because the color is intense or strong because the tip of the eyeliner brush is firm... 
To talk about it further, the box promotes that it's a film type eyeliner which means that as you brush it on your eyelid it's as if you're placing a thin film of paint on it, and the other selling point is that it will not be easily removed by water.

As the price tag implies, I got this from SaSa in Hong Kong for 88HKD (Php 484). Honestly I already think that this is a super good buy as far as spring loaded liquid eyeliners go because some of the other brands I have seen sell this kind of item for 600-700 php. 

It's almost just as big as any average pen, except a bit fatter. It's about six inches long and has silver text on it. 

When opened, the tip, is not brimming with eyeliner fluid. This is because it's spring loaded and that new fluid only comes out once you have already applied the fluid on the brush. This will be a helpful feature for those who hate messy makeup because it is impossible to encounter eyeliner fluid drips with this product. This is also a great format overall because you need not dip the eyeliner brush onto a pot or baby jar of fluid every few strokes or so as the brush itself is self-refilling. This allows for a more precise application of eyeliner, and as far as hygiene goes it's easier to clean this brush with tissue every once in a while instead of hoping and praying that the eyeliner brush you have been repeatedly dipping into your pot is still clean... 

 For this eyeliner, I had some learning curve choo choo time because I had to kind of get used to using eyeliner without tugging my eyelids. I also had to make sure that the brush did not sway even when my eyelashes hit it, because that was my first problem when I got this product. My eyelashes would hit the tip and the tip would move or bounce to the other direction that the eyeliner was going places (and smudging eyeliner of course). But after I had gotten used to it, it has now become a convenient product to use for everyday makeup. Because it swipes so easily on the skin I can do my eyeliner step quicker than when I was still using gel. 

I think that first time users will also have the same problems in using the product as I really think that it takes practice to get used to spring loaded eyeliners. The liquid eyeliners that come with pots, though they require constant dipping for one application, the benefit is that there's barely any problems with getting used to it, and that the eyeliner's brush does not bounce around that you somehow have more control with it. 

For this product though, my main complaint is that the product is not compatible with eyelash curlers. As in no. After using this eyeliner, I have to be careful with how I curl my lashes because when I curl my lashes in such a way that the curler's band is touching my eyelid, the eyeliner (being film type) has a tendency to be 'peeled off' of my eyelid and transferred onto the eyelash curler. When using this eyeliner I cannot curl my eyelashes too close to the lashline because eyelash curler contact will ruin the eyeliner. I mean I could retouch it and all, but I can't live forever retouching removed eyeliner. 

In terms of waterproofing, yes this product is indeed waterproof. When applying, it will still smudge when wet (so don't flutter your eyes or get naughty or something), but once it's dry, nothing can stop it (except eyelash curlers). I have tried using my fingers to smudge it but once dry it will no longer budge. Even when I take a few droplets of water with my fingers and smudge it, it's still there. I have taken a bath with this eyeliner on and my makeup is still fine even after the bath. This is one of the products that you can trust to not fail you in beach escapades. 

Overall, this is a good value for money product given that it's cheaper that similar items of other brands. And that it provides intense color and is quick to swipe on the skin. Just be more careful about eyelash curling, though. 

What eyeliner product do your prefer to use? Gel, liquid, or eye pencil type? Please do tell me in the comments box!