I know haul posts are just supposed to be really casual posts in a beauty blogger's blog roll, but this is one of those haircare hauls that make me feel so sentimental.

It's mainly because of Asience's 10th Anniversary special shampoo and conditioner set I got in our recent trip. Waaaay before I started blogging, as in about 5-6 years back, I was already a big fan of Asience. I tried it out because my idol Utada Hikaru's song Stay Gold was used as background music in the commercials with Jeon Ji Hoon. I initially tried it in small bottles, and soon realized that it was really fragrant and did miracles on the hair. It was a holy grail product, and the only reason I switched to Essential in recent years was to give my hair a short break from Asience. In general, it was still made by Kao Corporation so Essential was just like a sister of Asience.

Buying the anniversary shampoo made me realize that it'd been that long that I had admired the brand, and it brought back a lot of memories from the past five years.

And well, let's get onto the real haul post hahaha.

I also got myself new boxes of hair color, two liese ones and one Freshlight one. The liese one has already been what I've tried before, and I was satisfied with how my hair didn't get damaged from it, which is why I picked up two more boxes. The freshlight one was a trial as it's the first time I saw it in Hong Kong. Supposedly each box was HK$80, but since I bought two boxes of Liese, there was a cumulative HK$30 off the whole bill as a discount. 

I got Tsubaki's shampoo and conditioner set in the Head Spa variant for HK$128. It comes with a Tsubaki Shining hair fragrance. This is the packaging of the Tsubaki shampoo. They have nice shampoo and all but the plastic bags just look cheap at times...

 I also got some of Shiseido's younger haircare products, Ma Cherie. I got myself a shampoo and conditioner set in the Moisutre and Air Feel variants. Each bottle of their product in this 200mL size cost HK$40.

And this is the special inscription on the bottle. Honestly I feel like it's me who should be thanking Kao for 5 years of great hair (save for when it got fried by a botched digital perm and I was not able to go to another country to pick up a haircare set). 

And these are the shades I got. I got the lightest ones in the whole lineup as I have dark hair, and since the boxes' illustrations are for the final effects when the dye is used on light hair. 

I hope this brand is a good brand as it's my first time to try it!
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