I can say that I am a happy customer of NYX Wholesale PH because this is already my second haul with them! I am also happy that they really took my request seriously of maintaining the integrity of the items as they came in two layers of bubble wrap! 

The only downside is the 1 month waiting time for the items, but they have the lowest prices in town! As in if you're not rushing to own something or if you plan your Christmas gift giving ahead, you can save a loooooot of money if you buy from them! 

They have authentic stuff of like 20 brands, like Lime Crime, Obsessive Compulsive cosmetics, MAC, Wet n Wild, Rimmel, and of course, as the namesake implies, NYX. And did I mention? The prices are resonably higher than the US prices because a lot of the sellers here inflate the prices so much I don't even know how they still have customers when the same items are cheaper elsewhere! 

Anyways, to show you what kind of money you could be saving with them, let me name the items I got and the prices I paid for them! 

Wet n Wild Megalast Lip Cover lipsticks for Php115 a pop (usually 135 to even 230 elsewhere! it's even 300 in the malls I think...)
Wet n Wild comfort zone palette for Php320 (I've seen this priced at 500 in malls) 

NYX Eyebrow Shaper for 340 (not sure how much this costs elsewhere, but i'm sure I spent less hahaha)

NYX Blushes for also Php235 a pop! (i've seen this being sold for 300 elsewhere)

NYX Matte Bronzer for Php350 (not sure about prices of others, but at least it's cheaper than my Canmake shading powder...

Lime Crime Velvetine for 780 only! (whereas everywhere else they sell these from 850-1000!) 

Lime Crime Fantasy Palettes for 1445 a pop (I haven't seen anyone else sell this, but if I am to place a special order with a reseller for sure the price will not be this low) 

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils at 175 each! I have seen people sell this for 250 or even higher! 

NYX soft matte lip creams for 235 a tube as well. I have seen this sold for 250 to 270 or even higher. 

NYX butter lipstick for 235 and NYX round lipstick for 155 (I think i've seen someone sell the butter lipstick for 280 and the round lipstick for 200) 

NYX Butter Gloss for 195 only... Not sure how much this costs elsewhere but 195 is already a good price for me.