Yes, the hauls are not yet over! Here are some more of my beauty hauls from Hong Kong!
I got myself a lot of Taiwanese lashes because there, they're sold for HKD20 per box (Php120), while here I have seen people sell these for Php400 and higher!

This one is #217

 A wispier version of #217 is this box of #218
 I also got this more Princess-ey lashes for HKD30 a box, I don't think they're the same brand as the previous two...

I also got myself a wedding veil accessory! I thought of getting this for bridal portfolio stuff and all...
 This is an experimental purchase.. I was lured into getting this only because of the cosme ranking...This is Miccosmo's White Label Placenta facial lotion... 
 I also got Miccosmo's facial cream.. this is the one with the cosme ranking that lured me, and I got the facial lotion just to complete the set...
 I also got some loot from 3 Concept Eyes! I got this really lovely blush of theirs. I got this on the spot because the tester swatched so nicely, and because this pan has a warm shade and a cool shade.

And this is their version of Lip Tar. I have yet to see how long wearing it is, but the color is really pretty!
 This is also a promising buy because of the lovely color! I think that this lip crayon is such an MLBB shade, I have yet to see in the near future!

3 Concept Eyes is not as widely known in Hong Kong yet I think, which is why I did not see it in Sasa nor Bonjour in real life, and got it from this makeup store in a forlorn location in Prince Edward district.

I also got this Hello Kitty organizer box for makeup storage! I also thought that it looks cute for cutesy makeup photoshoots and all. Even if I have already converted all my reviews to all white settings, I sstill like to take nice cutesy photos every once in a while. 
 I also got myself a Hada Labo Gokujyun starter pack. This includes a facial wash, a facial lotion and face milk. Currently I'm using the lotion so I'm excited to see how the face milk and facial wash are!

 And last but not the least, I got myself some accessories from a store in Sham Shui Po! I got these accessories for use in future portfolio shots and all.

Yaaaay! That marks the end of all my hauls! 

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