Officially a loyal customer of Beautyholic Manila! This is my third haul with them but probably the 20th item I've purchased as each haul is always packed with a lot of stuff... 

After many months of waiting, I am now officially an owner of Sigma's Premium Kit! It was thicker than I expected (it's as thick as a Bible-- I expected it to be twice the size of an iPad but also as thin as an iPad in a case) 

And I am now puking rainbows with my Sugarpill goodies! So excited to use them!

And good sellers know how to pamper their loyal customers, hence all these samples and freebies! Am especially excited to try out the Sigma eyeshadows and the Benefit samples!!!

So let me just give tribute to the fact that Jen even wrapped all the stuff with black Japanese paper! 

And of course the items are well protected... 

This is Sigma's Premium kit which I got for Php9500. This may sound pricey on the first mention, but if you think of it, this is one of Sigma's most worth it offerings as it comes with 15 brushes and a fancy schmanzy leather case for the brushes. If one adds up the retail value of each brush and the leather case itself, one will end up spending Php15000-16000, which is why this is one of those items that sounds expensive at first but will actually bring more savings. 

I also got this sugarpill pro palette and am now puking rainbows. This palette is very very precious because Jen's cousin was only able to buy this at NY IMATS, and it was just so chaotic that she was only able to get this one and was not able to get more! Jen was even telling me that a lot of people were asking her for this palette after she put up a photo with it on Facebook. This is what sets Beautyholic apart from the rest because they're the only seller I know who can get stuff from IMATS as the rest of the sellers can only get stuff when it's sold online. Sugarpill has promised to get this back online later this year but as of now it can only be bought at trade shows.

Last but not the least is this set of Sugarpill synthetic fiber brushes! These brushes were just sooooooo cute I just had to have them! Moreover, my personal brushes really are fun in design and perky like these. I just took in really matured Sigma brushes so that clients would not think of me as a childish person, but for personal use, I'd also love to get the pink brushes they have. They're also really soft to the touch and I am so excited to use them, especially in my tutorials!
So that ends this haul! Till the next haul! 

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