Taiwan says hi! This is one of the items that my aunt in Taiwan gave to me before we went back home to the Philippines. Apparently, she won this magazine contest and won the whole product line of this brand called Beautymaker by Kevin. Honestly, this is a brand I would've never known of had it not been for my aunt. And since a lot of the feedback is in Mandarin Chinese, I had no idea whether it was a good brand or not. Which is why I personally brought the products to the test. :D

Today's review is about their Aqua Eye Concealer. If you check out their website, you'd see it ranked as their number one bestselling product.

So this is the box itself. It's just about as big as a matchbox, this is quite a tiny item. 

And these are the ingredients and directions of use. (right click and click 'view image in new tab' to see the zoomed in version of this) 

This shade I got is in natural. They have three shades for this product: fair, natural, and healthy (even I don't know why the third shade is named that way hahaha) 

As for packaging, it looks nice and elegant. It's also relatively lightweight. 

I was impressed to see a mirror inside! Even if the item is this small they even managed to put a mirror in! (as for the smudge, it's not a company error or what.. mama was too excited that she swatched this even when I hadn't taken photos yet! hee hee hee)

In terms of texture, the moment I touched it, I understood why it's called the aqua concealer. It's really thin in texture and slippery to the touch-- I was indeed surprised that this consistency is coming from a cake concealer! I expected this kind of texture for liquid ones, but definitely not for cake ones. I was expecting it to be thicker in consistency and less slippery to the touch. 

This color in particular does have some salmon hues, eh?

The amusing thing about this concealer is that the moment you swatch it, it's moist and all, but it is able to pack onto the skin opaquely. I did not expect that given how slippery it is! I was expecting that it'd just be translucent or slightly opaque at most. I was impressed that it was opaque! 

And now it's me putting it to the test. 

And this is me trying to cover my under eye circles using this concealer. As to why my face looks streaky, it's unblended BB cream! Nothing to worry about hahahah. 

The BB cream has already done 40% of the work in covering up my super dark under eye circles. On the left photo is before applying the concealer, and on the right is on the moment I dabbed a chunk of it onto the area. 

This is the effect afterwards. What impressed me more was that though it's not very good in covering up my dark circles, at least the formula does not crease. I had the concealer on for two hours already and still without any problems. This is not what happens with other concealers as they crease really quickly on my under eye area. 

It's 300NT or Php450. Personally, I wouldn't buy this again as I really look for coverage in a concealer. I can always re-blend and re-massage when creasing occurs but cannot do anything if a product is not enough for my under eye circles. For many other girls, this will already be a good product, but for someone like me who just has extremely dark under eye circles, I need a more potent product. 

However, I do recommend this for maturing skin as it's really hydrating and moist. This is the kind of concealer that will not exacerbate the look of wrinkles and crow's feet. Perhaps this is what they had in mind while formulating this?

What has been your favorite concealer so far? Please do tell me in the comments box!