This is one of those posts that need more words than photo swatches hahahahah.

I got this bottle of Johnson's baby oil gel after seeing a lot of posts on Pinterest recommending it as a good shaving cream. Currently, I use a soap based shaving cream and was willing to give this item a try.

Or rather, I got curious when I saw it in S&R since I've been seeing it on Pinterest for the longest time. It was on sale as I got it for only Php199 (compared to Php368 I think) during the Members' Treat Sale. 

However, the funniest thing is that it turns out to be horrible for shaving. Since it's very thick and viscous, the moment I was shaving my legs with the product smeared on, my hairs weren't getting shaved and instead the razor was just carving off the oil gel. A few swipes later and the razor is already incredibly clogged with the oil gel that I had to put it under running water for a few minutes before being able to use it again.

In the end, my hairs didn't get shaved well either. I had to re-shave again the next day with my usual shaving product because a lot of the hairs were either half shaven or just weren't shaven at all. 

This is another one of those episodes when Pinterest fails occur. In general, the makeup dupes there are sort of believable, but the makeup looks are industry-wrecking. A lot of the content makers use extreme photoshop and airbrushing and photo editing that the makeup looks too good compared to how it looks like in real life. Ideally, it's never good to over photoshop makeup photos because it distorts what you can do as an artist (to potential clients) and what viewers will realistically achieve assuming they use the products and techniques you indicated.

As for over photoshopping, what I mean is that I've seen a lot of photos where the eyebrows are extremely digitally enhanced, the eyeshadows blended on softwares and not in real life, and virtually all stray hairs and off-looking eyelashes removed. I do not mind those who simply improve their complexion or skintone. 

As for this product, I then realized that it's got a lot of other good uses. Of course, it's a great moisturizer and it's great for massage because it's really really thick and feels nice on the skin. Its thickness also means less chances of transferring to clothing as it would most likely stick to your skin more than the clothes. And I discovered that while it's horrible for shaving, it turns out to be a great after shave moisturizer and helps a lot to keep razor bumps at bay. 

And more importantly, I realized that it was an excellent mascara remover! I have used normal baby oil before to remove mascara, and although it doesn't sting the eyelid skin, a lot of the times some of the baby oil gets into my eyes (which is where the discomfort comes from). For this product, I realized that since this is so thick, you can afford to have an oil based remover that has very little chance of getting into your eyes. Unless you apply this directly to your eyeball, the chances are slim. 

And this is the cotton ball I used to remove the mascara! See all the mascara residue?

And after one cotton ball and without much effort, this is the final result. It's still not yet 100% removed, but by far this is just the first ball, and that at least most of it has been removed! 

I will definitely be using this product on tough mascaras and eyeliners! And of course it's also good for deep moisturizing and massages! 

Interesting discovery, I must say!

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