This is probably one of the products that'd be great as a mother's day present, because it's not often that I see pressed powders with hyaluronic acid! Too bad this seems to have already been phased out... 

This is beautymaker by Kevin's pressed powder. Its promise its that it's a hydrating and luminating powder. I do agree with the hydrating part so read on! 

This is the box that the product came with.

I think I got the 'fair' shade, but I'm not really sure hahaha. 

When you open it up it comes in this luxurious black case with a black velvet pouch of its own to tell the world that's it's a special kind of face powder!

The moment you open the case, this is what comes up. It comes with a sponge, and as you will notice, it comes with a two toned powder pan. 

Up close, this is what the powder pan looks like. I was taken aback that it had this shimmer powder with it. I have no idea why I'd want to apply microglitters onto my face. I knew they were trying to come up with a luminizing effect like Hourglass Cosmetics' face powders do but I honestly find this too glittery to look decent on the face. To be luminizing you need microshimmers and not microglitters. 

However, I do think that it's a good highlight color for the browbone area as it's got a brightening effect plus a little glitter to spice up any look. 

You see how glittery it is? As in it's good enough to pass as an eyeshadow or body shimmer powder! And then you'll notice this faint skintone colord stripe on the right and that's the matte part of the powder. I like how it matched my skintone so well that it's virtually invisible save for some of the yellowish undertones giving its existence away on my reddish skin.  

It's a fine milled and thin-layered powder in general, it feels very lightweight on the face. This will not work on youngsters like me with extremely active oil glands as it's very thin and all; in about two hours this is the kind of powder that will move and be overpowered by the oil. However, it will work well for mature women who have drier skin already. It's not chalky on the face, and since it comes with hyaluronic acid, I think that that'll give an additional boost to the skin. 

Too bad it's phased out though! Now they still have a face powder but it's got tranexamic acid and not hyaluronic acid anymore. Plus, the new powders they have are promoted as whitening and not moisturizing. But I'm guessing that based on how the new pressed powder is priced, the old one must've been priced at 480NT (Php 720) as well. I personally have no qualms about this as almost all myother face powders cost way more than this. 

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