Don't laugh at me for this. But from the time I was in makeup school until a bit recently, this was my blush palette. 

This was because at the time I was still in makeup school, I wasn't really sure if I wanted to pursue makeup. At the time I still did not want to shell out on fancy magnetic palettes, but there just wasn't any other tin available for the blushes anymore as the rest of my more presentable tins went to the powders and eyeshadows. So what I did was put a magnetic sheet onto the bottom of this pencilcase and turn it into a blush case and went with it anyways.  

These are Ever Bilena blushes I got from a palette set. Honestly these are the ones I reach out for the least as they are not very pigmented when brushes are used.

On the left is a Saizen-bought blush and on the right is a blush from The Body Shop. As to why both of them look weird in shape, it's because they got cracked and I just tried to patch things up with alcohol. I reach for my Saizen blush quite often because it looks somewhat like NARS' orgasm blush but with less dustiness. It's quite fine milled actually. I do use this The Body Shop blush, but not very often, because it's so strongly coral and over pigmented that it only suits people with very dark skin. Fair skinned people look like Matryoshka dolls when I use this on them... 

And from left to right, this is a Maybelline blush I bought, a KOJI Spring Heart blush at the bottom of the pan, and a lilac pink Shu Uemura blush. The Koji blush also has such a nice color that I used it so often it's already this little. When I got the Shu blush (not from the store but as a giveaway from a magazine shoot), it was already broken like that as they took a chunk of the blush for pictorial purposes.    
I am currently investing in better blushes, and tentatively, a more professional looking magnetic palette! But for personal use, I think this will do hahaha.

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