I paid a visit to Saizen in TriNoma yesterday. I wasn't actually supposed to go here, but I was shopping with my best friend and I was helping her find gifts for people so we passed by Saizen to see if there was something suitable or if we could get gift ideas. It ended up to be a mini haul. 

As seen above, I got myself a new pair of uber cute flip flops! My house slippers are so worn out and stinky that I was really intent on getting a new one. I was supposed to buy a pair from Cotton On but the ones they had were made of stiff plastic, so I didn't push through. I ended up getting this one because the straps were soft-- I've had countless wounds on my feet due to wearing flipflops with straps that are too hard. And the next part is because my feet are too big it's impossible to find flipflops that fit which is why I've been wearing flipflops smaller than my feet for the longest time. I just choose those with softer straps so that my feet don't get hurt. 

And my other purchase is a box of cotton pads! I swear that Saizen has the cheapest cotton pads ever-- this box has 130 pads and is just Php88! I recommend this to all my fellow makeup artists. 

For my makeup storage needs, I got this box. This looks exactly like this Muji box that my brother has, just 1/3 the price and less perfect. There were a lot of these in the store and they were advertised as stackable but the boxes could barely stack without falling or wobbling. But I didn't really care as I was going to use just one tier of this and the stacking problem didn't matter to me. 

And last in this haul is a super cute basket. I thought that it was the perfect size for my makeup storage and that the really cute design could lend a hand in future product shoots that I just had to have it. 

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