Alongside my Ben Nye haul is this Urban Decay haul. Yipee! 

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Mom and I got ourselves their shadow lockdown duo. We agreed that I'd get the original variant and she'd get the anti aging variant.

I also got myself a Black Market pencil set. I've been trying to swatch it lightly but as of now they all look black. I'll take legit blog photos of these and swatch them harder, and I think I can get better results by then.

Next is another item mama got for herself. She had wanted a high end eyebrow powder kit all this time after being impressed with my Too Faced Brow Envy kit that when UD decided to put these on sale and get rid of them, she just had to have one. 

This cream blush is another one of those random jewels that UD throws at you. I've noticed that they have this tendency to throw in limited stocks of items that you thought were already gone at really really low prices. This blush used to be $20 but we got it for only $4. Honestly, even local brands cannot beat the price we got this for! 

And of course UD always gives their products very suggestive names. 

And since we punched in our order during Christmas time, they had a lot of freebies included in the order. I'm so happy about the B6 spray because I've only used it twice and I already think that it's a really good product for Pinays. I have yet to use the all nighter spray, and sadly the lip gloss was already a bit rancid. The shade is really really flattering on the lips and you look like it was surgically plumped up, which is why I got myself some more of the lip gloss before they run out. 

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