Hooray!!! This is my second time ever to win in a social media giveaway!!! 

About a month ago I participated in Sigma's Twitter contest to promote spa glove Sunday. Everyone could enter by simply uploading a photo of their brush cleaning glove in use and using the hashtag #spagloveSunday. There were a lot of people who entered that Sunday that I didn't expect that I'd win! 

So here is the brush set (I got myself a nifty Perfect Blend Kit) together with a greeting card signed by their marketing guru Amber. I was quite surprised it came in this quickly because I thought I'd see this by the end of July. 

I went to pick this up at the Post Office yesterday. I was soooo relieved when we were just made to pay a Php50 fee because I was fearing that they'd charge us based on what the item was and how capable of paying we seemed to them. Thankfully, all packages come with a Php50/parcel flat rate fee regardless of who you are, what the item is, and they just opened the package in front of me for safety reasons. A big 'whew!' on my part! 

I was overjoyed when I won this because this is a welcome addition to my Make Me Classy Travel Kit, Kabuki kit, Premium Kit, and Color Payoff Kit. This brush set in specific comes with a lot of dome shaped brushes which really come in handy in blending and can be used for diffused cut creases and for contouring the face. 

I stopped buying cheap brushes months ago and decided to convert to Sigma because I was already so tired of dealing with cheap brushes that got broken so easily and applied products so poorly. Sigma brushes apply product well and are very sturdy, I see a minimum of a ten year lifespan with their brushes if you know how to clean and handle them well. 

Here's my winning entry!!! 

And I got a screenshot of when they announced it! 

If anything, this has just made my Sigma addiction stronger! Thanks again, Sigma!

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