Hello again, eyelash concerned folks! I want to show what the mascara can actually do (because it can do quite a lot). The mascara does a lot of work in the volume department (though not the dolly kind of volume I'm used to), and I did not want to dismiss that. So for this post, I kept the lighting ambient, but not too harsh, and I did not apply any eye product on the eye area (because I did apply foundation, concealer and powder) so that you can see the actual effects of the mascara. 

Here's a collage showing from left to right the different stages of using the mascara. I have more zoomed in photos of this in the post, so don't go away! 

But basically, from left to right, up to down, I go from my usual state, to having just curled eyelashes, and the last photo in the collage is after four coats of the mascara. 

This mascara formula is especially thick, and goes on matte. I think you'd notice this difference if you're into Japanese mascaras which are really moist and runny, and dry up with a subtle gloss effect on the lashes. Because it's thick, it also takes some time to coat all the lashes with product. 

As for the brush, one thing I noticed about the final effects is that it works primarily to add volume to the roots of the lashes. I have noticed that no matter how many coats I have added, it's the roots that have become fatter, and the tips are just following slightly. This is different from a lot of the other mascaras that I've tried wherein the volumizing happens in all the areas of the lash hairs. This, I guess, is also the reason why it's able to keep the curl-- it doesn't weigh down the tips while stabilizing the roots. 

I also noticed that while the brush is interesting, it does not take on product thickly so it helps to spin the wand inside the tube so that it can get more product before you get the wand out. 

So here's me without any mascara. For someone Chinese, people already praise my eyelashes as long. But I know that compared to the rest of society, I have medium length eyelashes. They are very straight and stubborn. 

This is me curling my lashes. 

These are my lashes right after curling. No mascara yet. 

This is the wand after spinning it several times in the tube. This is why it seems covered up with a lot of product and looks really wet. 

This is the first coat. You can kind of see that the roots of my lashes have fattened up a bit, with the tips of my lashes with barely any product. The lower lashes are slightly more defined, but are at the same length. You can definitely go for this if you want to sport a no makeup look. 

This is after the second coat. This is what I feel is the optimum amount for everyday use in terms of the drama levels of the look and the ease in removal at the end of the day. The tips of the lashes already have a bit of product, but what's more noticeable is the roots of the lashes have fattened up more. The lower lashes have thickened slightly as well. 

This is the third coat. I don't really recommend this much mascara if you're going to work, but for a night out, this might work. It's of course more dramatic than two coats on the upper lashes, but the lower lashes have changed just a bit. 

This is the fourth coat. It's obviously clumped up, and I do not recommend this at all. I just did this to show the kind of volume the mascara can give if you are going to unleash its full potential. It can really volumize if you need it to. 

Overall, I think you've seen in the photos of what I mean when it's got a unique effect by working on fattening the roots. This is definitely a mascara with a unique brush and a unique finish.

However, I think you can also see that it's not very lengthening. It works to give a nice volume and a nice effect by fattening up the roots of the lash hairs, but whatever length you're born with, that's basically it with this product. If you have average to long eyelashes, this is definitely something you'd want to try, especially if your other mascaras weigh your lash hair tips down too much. But if you have extremely short lashes, I think that there are other mascaras by L'Oréal brand or the L'Oréal group in general (Maybelline, Urban Decay, Shu Uemura) that you can try. 

So there, you've now seen the real potential of this product! To those asking, I think you can now see what I mean when I say that this mascara does most of the work in the volume department. And to see what it can do for you, you can now get these babies in most department stores and Watsons stores here in the Philippines for Php695. 

(Disclaimer again: This product was sent to me by L'Oréal to blog about. My opinions are honest, unbiased, and unaffected. I was only sent products, I was not paid to make this blog post.) 

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