Hi everyone! Welcome to another episode of Playtime! This time, I'm going to show you how to play with Etude House's Play 101 Pencil #11. 

This pencil, as you can see, is a neutral coral shade, and can work as eyeshadow base, as blush, and as different forms of lippies when combined with different Etude House products. 

Hooray, let's get started! 

For starters, here's a zoom in of the pencil. I know there are a lot of bubblegum pinks in the collection, but the reason why I chose this over the hot pinks and bubblegum pinks is because it looks really nice on the lips. This is what I'd call a neutral coral, as what I've said, and if anything, it looks a lot like OCC's Grandma Lip Tar. 

These pencils are created by EH with a gel type texture, and they will be soft and blendable upon first contact, but will set after a few minutes. As such, you can use these pencils to do virtually everything you can think of. 

Here's the description: 

Here are the ingredients and weights: 

The general thing I love about this collection is that it has a built in sharpener so you can bid those blunt pencil days goodbye! 

This is the swatch. On the left is the pencil stroke alone, and on the right is the pencil blended in. 

Of course, you can use this as lip liner. I really think it looks a lot like OCC's Grandma Lip tar, and it's a much cheaper alternative to buying the OCC lip pencil (which is at about Php800 I think). 

And of course, you can wear this as lipstick. It's really flattering on a lot of skintones if you ask me, and that it's quite a unique color in the lipstick arena which focuses more on pink based shades. 

You can also turn this color into a subtle coral pink nude if you mix it with Etude House's Sweet Recipe Cupcake All Over Color. 

All you need to do is apply the pencil as a lipstick, take a sliver of Cupcake All Over Color and apply on the lips, and pucker up until everything is nice and blended. You can also put the two products on a dish and mix them, or you can do the process with a lip brush. I just like doing it this way as it's got the least product wastage (everything goes straight to my lips), and I needn't worry about cleaning a lip brush afterwards. 

Like with the other playtime post I had, I'm going to mention again that it's really useful to have a can of Cupcake All Over Color because it can function as cream blush, eyeshadow base, and in this case, as a means to change the color and texture of Play 101 pencil. You can also use this whenever you want to lighten and pink-ify your lippies, or when you want a really dry lippie to become more moist. 

Up next, of course, you can use this lip pencil and top it with EH's Color Lips Fit WH901 for a nice pout. I really love this lip gloss as it's comfortable, and it doesn't run easily. 

Opposite of glossy lips, you can also top the pencil with your favorite EH Lovely Cookie Blusher or eyeshadow to get matte lips. This is one way to replicate the effects of the colored Color Lips Fit lippies. 

My only tip is to make sure that your finger is really dusty (with the blush) so that it's your lips that get mattified and not your fingers getting the lip pencil. You can also use a flat brush or concealer brush for this process, but for convenience, I chose to use my fingers. 

I have eternally dry lips so this looks good from afar, even when it looks chapped and dry up close. If you have dry lips in general, it won't be that easy to sport matte lips, but it shouldn't stop you from sporting such looks either. 

And of course, you can use this pencil to pinkify your eyeshadow! It works great as eyeshadow base. 

So here are the steps: 
1.) Prep the eye area. 
2.) Apply pencil in a window wiper motion until about 1.5mm above the crease line has product
3.) Take EH's Dear My Blooming Eyes (palette #1) and take the pink color (bottom left) 
4.) Use a pencil brush and apply the pink eyeshadow on the crease area and the area above the crease line where the pencil was applied. 
5.) Using the pencil brush again, take the brown eyeshadow (bottom right in step 3) and apply it on the area below the crease line. 
6.) Blend the two colors in. 
7.) Ooh la la look at my eyes 
8.) Take a small eyeshadow brush and apply the brown eyeshadow on the outer half of your lower lashline
9.) Apply the pencil on the inner half of the lower lashline, applying a small bit on the inner corner of the eye. 
10.) Using the small eyeshadow brush again, take the glittery pink color and apply onto the inner half of the lower lashline. 
11.) Curl your lashes. 
12.) Apply Oh M Eye Lash mascara 

If you're having difficulties using EH's chunky glitter eyeshadows, I'm certain you'd like the effect if you use Play 101 pencil as an eyeshadow base. I was surprised myself that I was able to control it, as in the final effect is it's sparkly and glittery, but it's not all over the place, and there's barely any fallout. I definitely will try using my other glitter eyeshadows with my Play 101 pencils in the future. 

And of course, last but not the least, you can use this as blush. I really like the color it lends to the cheeks, it looks a lot like my Lovely Cookie Blusher #11 and my Tony Moly Crystal Jelly Blusher #01, and I think this'll also be flattering on a lot of skintones. 

But of course, be sure to blend it immediately upon applying or else it'll look like a solid line on your cheeks. 

And yaaay, that's it for another episode of playtime! Till next time! 

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