Okay, I know I have oily hair already. I know this is the Philippines. 

But there are just times when the ends of my hair are so dry despite having an oily scalp, and there are also times I need a way to keep my hair shiny and protected (somehow) after ironing. This is why I have this baby with me. 

This is liese's Hair Cocktail in scent A. There is another scent B, and it's also very fragrant. The only major reason I chose this over the other is that in the time I was in the store, the stocks for this scent expires in 2015 while the other one expired much earlier.
It's basically got an oil layer and an alcoholic layer, which can be seen when the bottle is left undisturbed. 

Once you shake it, though, it becomes this nice mango color. It smells really really peachy, but you can smell the alcohol in it. On the hands it feels slippery but is not oily because the alcohol component balances the oil component out. 
This is my hair after applying this product and ironing it. For days when I iron my hair, I apply this all over my hair to get this subtle shine. But for days when I won't, I apply this product just on the ends of my hair to keep them healthy. I've tried applying this product on my scalp without ironing and it was just really oily afterwards.

This is a nice product overall, but given how oily my hair already is, I needn't buy this. I mean it's helpful and all, but it's not something I'd be unable to live without. 

I got this for HKD48 at a Park N Shop outlet in Hong Kong. As for value for money, I think that this will last 4-5 months if a person uses this once a day, so I think a little goes a long way. It's also helpful for those days when you iron your hair. 
This is a so-so product. Since it's not very expensive, you can try it out and all. But it's not a product in my holy grail list... 

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