Hi everyone! L'Oréal recently sent me samples of their new False Lash Butterfly mascara and their Color Riche eyeshadow quad so that I could try it out and give you guys a rundown on what it's all about. 

It no longer needs any mention that the eyelashes do a lot to make the eyes look bigger and brighter. We always correlate long, full lashes to femininity, and also to eyes that look more alive. L'Oréal's promise with this mascara is that it can help you achieve a look akin to wearing false eyelashes even when you're not wearing them. 

False Lash Butterfly is not an entirely new product--it has been launched in North America and Europe prior to its Philippine launch. This is why one of the taglines in the brochure is that it's Europe's number 1 mascara that's made its way to the Philippines. 

This mascara is true to its butterfly theme that it's got an asymmetrical wand akin to a butterfly wing, and the looks are all about lashes that flutter. 

To join in all the fun, I made a tutorial and (according to their request), I put in an OOTD to go along with the look. This is by far my first OOTD post so this should be interesting hahaha 

Up close it's like a cocoon shaped tube. It's a bit bulky, but at least it's not round so it doesn't roll around when placed on a table. 

L'Oréal boasts the innovative wand they have for this mascara. It's an asymmetrical wand. 

This is the wand after I washed it and removed the product in it so that you can see the wand better. You can probably see this hole on the highest part of the wand, and this makes it feel like a spring. It's designed this way so that you can reach your outer corner lashes better compared to a conventional mascara.

On the other side of the wand is this section with alternating rows of bristles and smooth panels. My observation while using this is that the bristles help to apply product, and the smooth panels sort of 'filter' out the lashes and suck out the excess product so that your lashes do not end up all clumped up. 

For those who are curious, here are the ingredients. I'm amused that it has soluble collagen, and according to press releases of L'Oréal for their collagen infused mascaras, it's supposed to help plump up the lashes from within. 

This is their tutorial on how to achieve the Le Papillon look. The Philippine Le Papillon look is all about sultry eye makeup, soft and barely visible eyeliner, and of course, eyelashes so plump and long that they reach the sky. If you'll check out the French version, it was a strong cat's eye look using their blackest eyeliner, topped with this mascara, of course. 

In terms of formulation, this mascara is not too wet and not too dry for a Western mascara, but for my personal tastes, I wished it were a little bit more moist so that it'd take less time to coat the lashes. I'm guessing that they kept the formula this way to avoid accidental clumps... It's honestly not as volumizing or lenghthening as what I had hoped for, but I don't really feel bad because this is a mascara suited for Westernized tastes and my personal tastes are leaning towards the East Asian. I am into the super over-acting dolly eye kind of makeup, akin to what the Japanese do, and this is not the product for it. However, I must praise that this is one of the first Western formulas that I have tried that can maintain curl while giving a reasonable amount of volume.

In terms of removal, though, this may be a good mascara for work and school because it's not as tough as my Japanese mascaras, but at the same time, it will not budge with a mere tearing up, or through some sweat or water. It's not life-proof (which may be a turn off for some), but I personally think that mascaras like these are good for everyday use since you can get it off without a lot of effort that you don't risk your eyes to friction burns (from rubbing too much) or accidentally yanking your lashes off in the process of getting the mascara off. And since it's not so weak, you can also go through most of your daily activities without looking like a panda (or raccoon, or both).

I liked that the wand is able to reach into lots of unreachable places, but I still have to get used to the asymmetrical rubberized wand in general as it still feels weird to use. I'm used to the typical mascara wand with carrot shapes and longer bristles as the shorter bristles mean that my waterline hits the base of the wand more than usual...
So that's it for this post! Get out there and get yourself a tube of False Lash Butterfly today! 

(And you can now get this mascara in leading Watsons and Department Stores here in the Philippines for Php695) 

Disclaimer: The item was sent by the PR division of the company, but all the views expressed are honest and unbiased. I was only sent samples and I was not paid to do this review. 

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