Happy 10th anniversary, Majolica Majorca! 

When beauty companies reach age milestones, they usually hold sales, but with Majolica, it's not the same case. They make special items to commemorate their anniversaries, and for their 10th year (which was 2013), they made four Little Humming books. This is Little Humming Book II. 

Books I, II, and III contain two eyeshadows, an eyeshadow primer, and a lip gloss. Book IV, on the other hand, is a highlighter. 

Given that I got this in mid-2014 and that they were already on clearance, it was not such a surprise to me that the packaging was already so battered.

However, beyond the dirty plastic bag, it's still a pristine little pearl. 

It's like a baby book, and the moment you open it, there's a picturesque seen accompanied by the score to some tune. I have not played the song yet, but I definitely want to hear it sometime. 

This is the acetate page on the book that does two jobs-- it covers up the makeup so that the pages on the book get soiled, and as seen here, there is a guide on the products and a description on what they do. 

This is the palette up close. 

These are the eyeshadows, named Water Mirror and Night Dress.

Water Mirror- buttery and shimmery sky blue with a touch of teal 
Night Dress- buttery and shimmery off white 

This is the eyeshadow base and the lip gloss. 

Earth Land- a really thin and wispy transparent bronze colored eye makeup base
Swan Bill- transparent lip gloss with a really tiny touch of pink 

This is the swatch without flash. 

This is the swatch with flash. 

I got this from their TriNoma store at Php995 for two books. 

They have really good eyeshadows overall as a brand and this is no exception, it all depends if you want these eyeshadow colors in your collection. The eye makeup base seems promising as it glides on thinly and doesn't rub off quickly, but I think you'd either have to use this alone as cream eyeshadow or you'd have to have other Majolica eyeshadows as this color isn't really complementary to the eyeshadow shades in this set. The lip gloss is really, really sticky, and though it gives a nice glow and shine to the lips, I think you folks would feel more comfortable with their tubed lip glosses. 

Overall, though, the concept of the mini book, the celebration of their tenth anniversary (this being a limited edition item), and the current price they're sold for, I honestly think that this is already a good buy. It's also really compact that in one go you already have two powder eyeshadows, a cream eyeshadow, and a lip gloss. Though I am not wholly in favor of palettes that combine eye and lip products in one set, I guess I can let this one in particular slide because it's really, really small for all the things it contains. 

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