Happy 10th Anniversary again, Majolica Majorca! 

I know you've already seen my post on Little Humming Book II so it's time to follow up with book III. 

For those who haven't seen the other book, this is basically a limited edition promo item to celebrate MM's 10th anniversary. It's a really small book with a music sheet to a song, a story, and 2 eyeshadows, one cream eyeshadow/eyeshadow primer and a lip gloss to go with it. This set has no applicators included. 

Like my other book, this also came with an intensively battered plastic bag. 

But thankfully, it's really pristine once it's out of the bag. 

As shown here, the eyeshadows ate 3.1 grams (I think this is cumulative), and the lip gloss is 0.9 grams. As with any other product, it warns that should you experience any discomfort or should it not be compatible with your skin, immediately stop using the product. 

The staff of MM Philippines were nice enough to send me the music video that goes along with book II. I wonder what song this one comes with! 

This definitely wins in the packaging department because the moment you open the book, this is what'll greet you. 

As what you've seen with the other book, this also comes with an acetate sheet to cover the makeup and serve as a label. 

This is the product up close.

These are the eyeshadows that the book came with: 
Antique Berry- shimmery and buttery old rose pink with touch of salmon
Brick Wall- shimmery and buttery champagne with hints of mustard yellow

As for the eyeshadow base:
Table Napkin- sheer metallic pastel pink with wispy texture

As for the lip gloss: 
Tomato jam- clear reddish gloss with no microglitter, comes with microshimmer but it does not lend a lot of impact to the whole thing

This is the swatch without flash. 

And this is the swatch with flash. 

This one was my first choice over Book II because the colors here are more wearable (as in I can use the pink and champagne eyeshadow any day compared to a sky blue eyeshadow). The eyeshadows have trusted Majolica Majorca quality so it's no question that they're really buttery, pigmented, and come with good color payoff. The eyeshadow base is something I also liked because it can be paired with the pink eyeshadow. Book II's topaz eyeshadow base seems to go better with their Jeweling eyes eyeshadows compared to what the book had. This lip gloss is also excessively sticky, but what I liked more about thsi lip gloss compared to what was in Book II is that it lends a nice tint to the lips. 

At the price point of 995 for two books, I already think that this is a bargain, especially that we're talking about Majolica Majorca items. If you want something good, something made in Japan, and something in the Shiseido group of companies that won't detonate your budget, I highly recommend this.

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