In general I am not into nude lip colors which is why this is the only nude lippie I own, and the only one I'll probably own for life. I'll prolly just use foundation or concealer for other days I need nude lips... 

This is NYX's round creamy lipstick in Circe. My main reason for choosing this is that it's so affordable (I got this for Php100 before NYX Wholesale PH had a price hike). I also feel uncomfortable in general with foundation on my lips so I figured that this isn't a bad thing overall. 

It's shade 522 according to the bottom.
Or Circe. It's a normal sized lipstick (I mean the casing is not bulky nor is it too thin).

These are the ingredients of the lipstick. NYX has different sources for its lipsticks, with this one made in Taiwan. There are also others made in China... 

Color wise it literally is foundation color turned into a lipstick. It's a creamy beige with barely no pinkish undertones. It's mostly a yellowish color. It's also quite light on the lips even if it looks like an opaque beige in the tube itself.

This is the lip swatch. This lipstick specifically, not for all the round lipsticks, is really really oily and slippery... it only applies really thinly on my lips and as you can see because it applies so thinly up close all the dryness and flakiness of my lips can be seen. It also feathers out a lot which is why this shade is definitely not to be used for a long night out or for when a lip pencil is not available.  

But at least, from afar, the color generally looks nice and flattering. More or less this works for me because I'll prolly just be sporting nude lips like these for photoshoot and tutorial purposes and not for events or parties. I don't mind that it feathers out a lot and fades so quickly because in terms of photos at least the color looks good and sophisticated.

NYX Round Lipstick Circe Review

 NYX Round Lipstick Circe Review
2020 Update:
I just wanna add these new swatches! Enjoy! 

I got this lipstick from NYX Wholesale PH for Php100.  Now these sell for 150 a pop I think...

In terms of value for money this is just so cheap that there's nothing to lose even if it's not long lasting. Also, since this is the kind of shade I'll barely wear, this is cheap enough for me.

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