By now, you must be tired of hearing about this mascara and tired of hearing me incessantly talk about it in my past videos, tutorials, and whatnot here on the blog. 

But meh, whatever recognition it's receiving from me, or from anyone else for that matter, it truly deserves it. 

This is the only mascara you need in life, and the only mascara I can trust to use on a bride or for a big day. 

Since I have been talking about this for too long everywhere, it's time it got a review it deserved. 

I started using Heroine Make's mascara five years ago. It was 2009, and we were in Hong Kong. At the time I was using a Max Factor mascara. It was a nice mascara and all, but it was already running out. At the time I didn't know much about makeup yet, so I went in to a Sasa store and checked out what was there. There were actually a million other choices, but what got me to buy this one instead was because it was the cheapest at 59 Hong Kong dollars (Php 360) at the time. The other mascaras were already above 100 dollars, and I was scared that if they didn't work for me it'd be a painful loss. I might as well go with the cheapest in the store, I thought to myself.

I bought it and tried it, and at first I didn't really notice anything special about it aside from the fact that it was extremely difficult to remove at the end of the day. 

Until one day, I went to watch Up with my siblings. My mom was like 'oh go watch this comedy movie' and the trailers were quite funny that we definitely had no idea that it'd be a tearjerker. Five minutes into the movie, I was already crying hysterically, and the crying fit persisted until after the movie ended. I then went out of the cinema, rushing to the restroom, because I was certain that my makeup had melted. But to my extreme surprise, my lashes were fine, and were still in perfect curl. I WAS CRYING FOR TWO HOURS AND NOTHING HAPPENED TO MY LASHES.

This was then I realized that I had a Holy Grail product in my hands, to the point that this was the only mascara I have looked for and truly favored ever since. I have used many other mascaras along the way, but this is the one that has truly captured my heart (and lashes!). 

So this is the new packaging of the mascara, the one I had before didn't look like this, as what I'll show in later photos in this post. 

And this is Heroine, the mascot of the brand. You'll see her make a special appearance in all the brand's products. 

This mascara boasts being waterproof and curl keeping, and having a 'full catch brush', which I think pertains to boasting that it can get to all the lashes with ease.  

These are some of the other warnings that came with it, just to get it out of the way. 

And this mascara is in black, as the sticker says. But honestly I've never seen them sell brown mascara in Hong Kong, maybe in Japan they do have brown ones.

And these are Heroine's secrets and tips. The 'secrets' of this mascara include combining volume, curl keeping, waterproofing, and shine adding (because this is shinier than other mascaras in finish). You can see how they recommend using the fat part of the brush for the outer half of the lashes and the thin part of the brush for the inner half of the lashes. 

 And these are the ingredients. I won't sift through everything anymore, but just a warning: if you have problems with talc, please do not use this product.

So this is the new and current packaging. 

Like before, the logo is still printed in gold. 

Love the lace designs on the lid! 

And this is my old tube and new tube together. Don't worry, the old tube is not in use for a long time already, I just kept it for souvenir (aka can't let go of this great product even if I can't use it anymore so sentimental huhuhu) purposes! 

The old and new tubes are more or less the same length and mass, with the new tube's only difference is that it's a bit easier to unscrew the lid compared to the old one.

Back then and now, they're both 6 grams in mass. 

Another difference though is that back then, the whole brand's name was Kiss Me Heroine Make, and now it's only Heroine Make. I used to think that this 'Kiss Me' written on my old tube was the tube trying to flirt with me, until I looked at the bottom and realized that it was part of the brand name. 

No more 'kiss me' here, so sad that my mascara tube is not flirting with me anymore huhuhu.  

And this is the current 'full catch' brush of the mascara.

For comparison purposes, the brush wasn't always like this. You can see the brush above from years ago that they had a barbell shaped brush. Only now do they have this carrot shaped brush. 

The brush before and the brush now has its ups and downs. The old brush applied faster as the wand was generally more shaped to adapt to the curve of the lashline, but also got smudges all over the place as the tip was too big for the inner corners and sometimes the lower lashes. 

The new brush doesn't apply as quickly, and in general whole chunks of mascara get onto the thin tip that doesn't get 'filtered' by the rim of the tube, but the promise of being able to cleanly apply mascara on both lashes is true. I experience relatively less smudging now, and I also am able to apply mascara on the lower lashes faster and better than before. 

Each wand had its ups and downs so I'm not really favoring any, and I don't have a lot of complaints with the current wand either.

And yaaaay, demo time!!! Here's me right before applying the mascara... 

This is my eye just right after using an eyelash curler. In general, Chinese people (and East Asians in general) have straight lashes, and it's often difficult to curl. If the usual person takes a minute with curling, I could take five minutes or more as it's not really that easy to get the lashes curled. I have to use a lot of 'presses' with the eyelash curler before I get an effect, and what usually happens is with most curlers (except my Koji one), as I'm curling the other eye's lashes the curled ones start to lose their curl and fall down. This is why I have to repeatedly alternate between my eyes, and usually only after I've went through each eye three times (each time with at least 6-10 presses) am I confident that my lashes are indeed curled.

And these are the upper lashes after using the mascara. You can see how volumizing it is compared to the before photo, and how natural the overall look is. I also like that it's got a bit of a shiny finish because somehow it contributes to making the eyes look more charming. I don't know if it's just me but this is how I feel about it.

And now you can see the whole effect with the lower lashes also with mascara now. 

Aside from the extreme waterproofing (as in i can use eye drops too and nothing happens to my lashes) and extreme volume boost, the other most important thing I also consider in this product is its curl keeping abilities. All mascaras brag about length and volume, and some brag about keeping the curl, but this is by far the only mascara I have found that keeps the curl the whole day. Many mascaras are volumizing but will pull the lashes down and make them straight again once it's applied, and some others keep the lashes curled for the first two hours or so but lose hold too at the end of the day. This is the only volumizing mascara I know of that can volumize without weighing the lashes down, and one that can retain the curl beyond nine hours. 

Here are side view photos to show that even without additional curling, my lashes' curl is the same before and after applying the mascara. 

This is currently more expensive already at 79 Hong Kong dollars (Php 480), but it's still worth all the money and much better than many other pricier ones I've tried. This is the mascara that truly volumizes and retains curls and stays put all day amidst all the elements. This is the reason why this is the only mascara I look for, and if ever I try other mascaras, it's just to evaluate how close it is to this one. 

As in I can't stress enough how much I love this mascara that it's the only one I trust for brides (whom I know will certainly cry on their big day). 

I am still very saddened that they recently pulled out of the Philippine market. Looks like I'd have to now hoard Heroine Make products when I'm abroad!

Since this has been my all time favorite mascara for so many years, you may want to check out all my tutorials and videos featuring or using this mascara!!!

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