For the longest time, I was used to using what foundation was there, and to simplify the process, I had always bought BB creams as they oxidized to match the skintone. At the start of last year, I was already buying foundations in my shade, but with more budget brands. Only this year did I really shell out on high end foundations like this one and my Urban Decay purchase.

This is Make Up For Ever's HD Foundation. We had received a bottle of this back then, and I had a really good impression on the product as I did look better in photos while wearing it in terms of texture, but it was in the wrong shade as the one given to us back then was a really reddish and hamitic shade. I really made it a point to get myself the right shade this time.

This is how the box looks like. It's quite heavy even if the product is just 30mL with the giant bottle and the thick plastic packaging for the bottle. As in the plastic is about half a centimeter thick, probably to make sure that the bottle would be able to withstand even the worst falls without breaking or cracking. 

The shade I got is N115. You may have recalled that I got this from my Make Up For Ever post in our Hong Kong trip last April. I was choosing between this one and N110, and the reason why I chose this one is because it was a bit darker and less pinker than N110. I was thinking that if I got N110, it'd be too pink that more or less I'd only be able to use it on myself in the Philippine context. This shade is a bit less pinker, which is why I am quite certain that I can use this on quite a lot of other people if I mixed this with other foundations, especially more yellowish toned. 

And for the curious ones, here are the ingredients of the product. 

And here are the promises. What I like is that this is Made in France, and that when they outsource, in general it's in Japan and not China. 

And this is the giant bottle I was talking about. You can dispense this in a much tinier bottle, actually, given that it's a small amount. You can kind of see how thick the bottom is, and more or less visualize how thick the plastic really is. 

Back then, when the HD line was new, I don't remember it vying for an invisible coverage. It was vying for photo-readiness, but I also kinda remember that the one back then was a tad bit thicker and went on a bit heavily on the skin. 

Unlike UD's foundation, though it calls for vigorous shaking before usage, it comes with no metal balls inside to facilitate shaking. 

And thankfully, aside from having it printed on the box, it's also printed here. It helps that it's on the butt of the bottle as I always clean my makeup bottles with rubbing alcohol and I fear that if it's on the body of the bottle I might wipe it off accidentally. 

The packaging hasn't changed much from the bottle we had years back... it's still very classy and all... 

And this is the swatch on my arm. I had quite a difficult time swatching this as the foundation was almost exactly the color of my arm that I couldn't really make it bright enough lest the swatches will fade away. 

Feeling wise it feels really lightweight, and in general blends quite easily. 
What I really like about this product is that it's really good in covering up redness, because I usually need to reach for concealer to cover up the redness. It's got this airbrush effect and you can really notice a glow on the skin with this product. 

It has also done quite a good job with all my whiteheads and bumps. It's not a fairytale product that has gotten rid of all the bumps, but in general, it has kept them at a minimum and has not worsened them. A lot of foundations fail in this part as they tend to make the bumps on my nose look worse. It has also done a good job sticking to my nose as my nose is usually quite difficult to apply foundation to. 

But the most impressive part about this is its staying power and how it not cakes even after a whole day. I wore this foundation, attended an event wherein I had to be under the sun for almost the whole day, and my makeup did not feel heavy or cakey or oily at anytime of the day. My makeup didn't melt with my sweat either, and even at the photos I took of myself nearing the end of the day I still looked okay in them. I was expecting to look like a hot mess in the photos, but to my surprise I looked unbelievably fine. 

I got this from Hong Kong's store at 440 HD (Php2640), and you can get it at similar prices here in the Philippines and virtually everywhere else where you can get your MUFE fix. 

In terms of value for money, I personally think too that it's pricey, but I love how well it stays put even with sweat, heat and oil. I also look good in photos wearing this foundation as it's got this naturally dewy finish. If you are a makeup junkie, or if you have quite a lot of things to cover, it's worth it to buy this product. 

Also, if you are also someone with reddish skin and need a pinkish toned foundation that can cancel redness, this is one of the few products out there that meet these criteria. A lot of the other foundations in the Philippines are yellowish toned and do not do so well with redness, which is why this is indeed a good buy. 

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