Meow!!! It's time to talk about this purr-fect powder! 
Okay, I'll be honest, I bought Tony Moly's Cats Wink Clear pact because of the packaging. I love cats so much that when I saw this product in the store, I didn't think twice and I purchased it. I actually didn't even try it in store, I just shoved it in my basket because it had a cat design! 

Thankfully, there's quite a lot of good things to say about this impulse purchase! Whew!

Oh my gosh oh my goodness look at the cat design!!! (I'm sorry I'm a crazy cat lady being my normal self)

I guess this is talking about that this is shade 2, but given that this is meant to be a translucent powder, I'm not wholly sure as to how different the other shade would be compared to this one. 

And oh my goodness! Look at that paw print! 

Look at that puff, too! Amusingly, this powder has the shower fresh pressed powder scent that I have observed in other Korean brands. It smells similar to how the pressed powders of Etude House and Skin Food, just a tad bit lighter. 

One thing I like about it is that it's really lightweight. It may not be as good as my other powders in keeping oil at bay, but at least, it feels lightweight on the face throughout the day. I think you know that feeling when it feels like your powder is holding so much oil and it feels so cakey on the face-- with this baby, this kind of problem doesn't occur a lot. 

I also liked that since this is wispy and lightweight, you can build the coverage with this powder. As in you can dust it really really lightly for when you're just doing a touch up or when you just need a little help. Or you can also dust it really thickly when you're opting for more coverage or a more matte effect on the face. You can adjust its transparency on the face depending on your moods and needs. 

This reminds me a lot of theBalm's Sexy Mama Powder. As in the concept, the effect, the texture. The only difference is that this is at 2/3 the price and with better packaging (as this has a lid that stands up on its own and a puff), and that this is not as potent in oil control (Sexy Mama controls oil for 10-12 hours, this powder controls oil for 4-6 hours). If you want to try something similar to Sexy Mama on a budget, this might be a good find. 

This is an arm swatch, but more of just to illustrate that you can dust it thickly like on the left stripe, or you can dust it really lightly such that it doesn't show up in photos (yes the right portion of that swatch has powder in it, I swear hahaha). 

This powder, in general, is a neutral beige. I won't say that it's yellowish, I won't say that it's pinkish either. Since it also goes translucent on the skin, you won't really feel any color influences from this one. If you're the kind of person who likes to use powder as a main source of coverage or color correction, you might appreciate a denser powder formula. 

On a side note, I love how photogenic this product is. So cute!

And it's time for the road test! 

Overall, for a whole day affair or a special occasion, I will probably go for my denser powders. But for everyday use, I really recommend this as it feels and looks lightweight that you can get decent oil control with it. And for those people who have a powder habit, what I like about this, too, is that you can dust on a little bit of it fairly often without looking too white. I think you know what I mean when you apply baby powder too often and you already look like a geisha, or your makeup already looks too caked on. 

I got this for Php498 from the nearest Tony Moly branch. For the price, I think it's at par with many other pressed powders that women use, and that it's more or less affordable. The pan is more or less stocked with enough powder to last a daily user about 6 months, so I think that it's a good value-for-money product. Personally, I think I'll love this for the months to come though I won't use it everyday (as I have 10 other powders to alternate this with hahahahaha). 

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