I was browsing NYX Wholesale PH on what Wet n Wuld trio to buy, and actually, this set wasn't even in my first choices because the swatches on the website were so bad that it looked like the wearer was swollen. Thankfully, with a little googling of 'wet n wild knock on wood' on Google image search, I saw a lot of really good looks online done with this eyeshadow trio, which is why I decided on ordering this trio. 

To start off, it's a very reddish trio, so if your photography conditions are really bad (as in cellphone camera circa 2004 with horrible quality), this probably might not be for you as it will make you look swollen. As for application, it'd take a really botched application before this makes you look swollen so in general, it's okay to buy this. 

As with any eyeshadow set from the brand, they have colors assigned for the brow bone, crease, and eyelid. Since this is just a trio, it does not come with a 'definer' color. 

Here are the net weights. If you peel it, there are instructions on how to use it as well as ingredients. For the ingredient savvy people, please be advised that this contains talc, methylparaben, propylparaben, mica, and carmine. 

And I just love their commitment to customer safety that they have these super sticky super difficult to remove protective seals on their products. 

This set comes with a small brush (which by the way is itchy on the skin because it's rough) and a foam applicator I expect do disintegrate in the next few months.

These are the eyeshadows up close. 
Browbone- it's a mostly matte muted light rose pink with a very very very little hint of shimmer
Crease- shimmery taupe-chocolate brown
Eyelid- shimmery pinkish-brown shade (you can kind of envision this as a pink maroon) 

In general, wet n wild eyeshadows have a silky texture. Their shimmery eyeshadows slide on well and pack a lot of color despite going on thinly, but for their more matte eyeshadows like the one on my finger, there needs to be some more effort than usual to get this to apply visibly on the skin. However, these eyeshadows pack good color payoff overall, and are easy to apply. 

Here are the arm swatches: 

This trio will not be helpful for those smokey looks, but it's meant for everyday looks and flourishes in such purposes. You can choose to use just the brown shade or the maroon shade, and with proper blending and feathering out, you're already set. 

It's also really small that you can take this with you in your kikay kit and do your makeup en-route to school or the office, or you can conveniently take this on a trip and it won't consume a lot of space in your bag. 

I got this for Php160 from NYX Wholesale PH, and you can get this at the malls for Php320. I honestly think that at this price point, it's extravagantly good. If you are in need of a cheap but good addition to your collection, I definitely recommend getting this product line and this set in particular.

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